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Lennoc European Flight Intelligence: offering data, analyses & reports

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 8, 2019

The core business of Lennoc European Flight Intelligence is collecting, processing and analyzing flight data on behalf of third parties like claim handling companies, solicitors, travel industry and insurance companies. The product and/or services are divided from single data providing to full analysis. The Dutch company evaluates up to 40.000 flights per day and combine these with 500.000 weather reports creating unique and user-friendly data reports. Lennoc Flight Intelligence is the only company who collects, processes and stores this data in this form. Their data will help advise insurers if a claim is legitimate or if extraordinary circumstances apply based on the 261/2004 regulation.

Lennoc can provide insurance companies with the data needed to assist a passenger in case of a flight delay or cancellation. Their app is built to fully take care of a passenger in need. More than 120.000 flights were cancelled or delayed within Europe last year.  With this data an insurance can be created that pro-actively reaches out to passengers. The company already provides data to the largest Dutch insurance companies.

Passengers are not insured for flight delays or cancellations. They have to retrieve the compensation themselves or hire a solicitor to do so. An insurance for flight delays and cancellations can be the solution. Lennoc Flight Intelligence already successfully established a cooperation with Maiden Life and General. This product is called Flightcare.  The innovative FlightCare insurance product covers the inconvenience experienced by MaidenLife & General customers when a flight is cancelled by the airline or arrives more than 3 hours late to its final destination. The insurance pays regardless of whether the airline is responsible for the cancellation or delay, or if it was due to another reason, such as bad weather.


What they do for insurers
Insurers use the Lennoc database to validate claims and/or when they go to court for their clients. Some insurers handle their claims for flight delays or cancellations with a contract of assignment. Before they issue a contract of assignment, they need validation of the Lennoc database that the flight is eligible for compensation:

  • The Flight Observation Pack is a comprehensive report of a specific flight with all the relevant and necessary information concerning the flight delay or cancellation. With extensive data this report can be used as evidence in discussions with an airline concerning compensation and eventually be used in legal proceedings.
  • The Flight Analyser 261 provides direct access to the database and flight intelligence system and gives the possibility to search for specific flight data in the search engine.

How it works
Lennoc Flight Intelligence collects, stores and processed over 13 million records of relevant flight date each day. This data consists arrival and departure information, airline information, airport information, over 3 million records of weather data each day, press releases, flight statistics, incidents, missed connection calculation and much more. This information is used to investigate claims, provide analyses and for reporting purposes. Via an API this data is available for third parties.

Why we selected Lennoc Flight Intelligence for DIA Munich
Lennoc can provide insurance companies with the data needed to assist a passenger in case of a flight delay or cancellation. More than 120.000 flights were cancelled or delayed within Europe last year, a huge opportunity for insurers to take care of passengers in need.

Who is Lennoc Flight Intelligence?
Lennoc Flight Intelligence was founded in 2005, by Hendrik Noorderhaven. Later on, Bert van den Brink joined Hendrik. In the beginning the company focused on collecting and analyzing European flight information. The European market for flight information was highly fragmented and they decided to consolidate this flight information into one database. The architecture for this database was completed in 2008 and since then Lennoc Flight Intelligence has operated at the forefront of European flight intelligence. On request of the European Commission they built a website to share the data with the public.

Hendrik Noorderhaven, CEO and Founder Lennoc Flight Intelligence


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