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LifeDrip: The future of life insurance agent’s sales software

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 25, 2016

The world is going mobile but most insurance brokers and agents still use ‘old’ marketing methods to generate leads. It is time for something new and something smarter. LifeDrip, launched by the Seattle based software company Xeddi, is a turnkey, fully automated mobile marketing system exclusively built for the life insurance agent. It provides monthly, custom branded email newsletters and an exclusive agent website for generating client reviews and feedback. LifeDrip captures the fastest growing form of lead exposure, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is done automatically and the contacts and the database are continuously synced. Agents don’t even have to think about it. LifeDrip offers a new way to generate leads at a fraction of the cost. The SEO website is registered with Google and built with responsive code so it is viewable on any mobile device. To maximize Social Media marketing exposure all the required content for Social Media Marketing and Email Newsletters is automatically generated and customized specific to the agent’s sales specialties. The Recommendation Engine generates dozens of powerful and real client recommendations. SplashTriggers notifies instantaneously when a prospect is ready to be contacted for the sale and what to sell them. Nowadays, customers are spending more time on their cell phone than watching television. They are more likely to buy insurance when peers do. 70% of the Baby Boomers and 81% of generation X are on Facebook. So Mailers and cold calls are yesterday’s approach.  Agents must increase their visibility on Social Media. Subscription costs for LifeDrip are low. An entire month of the service costs about the same as one lead: 75 USD. LifeDrip is fast on track. Approximately 5,000 life insurance agents will be using the LifeDrip service by the end of the year. Other ‘Drip’ products will be launched soon, including: InsuranceDrip for P&C insurance, MortgageDrip for mortgage bankers and brokers and DealerDrip for automotive sales professionals.

Why we selected LifeDrip for DIA Barcelona
LifeDrip is simple, effective and affordable and it does not yet exist for the life insurance industry. LifeDrip contains the unique ability to tailor the agent’s content to what they sell and create a ‘call to action’ content. Other, similar attempts to automate social media marketing create only boring and bland posts. When you look at the SplashTriggers that notify an agent on their phone when they need to contact a prospect and what to sell them, you see the future of agent sales software. And you see how insurance carriers can support improving the effectiveness of their brokers and agents, to boost revenues.

Who is LifeDrip
LifeDrip is created in 2015 by Xeddi, a Seattle based software company dedicated to the creation, promotion and elevation of sales software solutions. They empower over 2,000 life insurance agents with their fully mobile compatible agency CRM SaaS known as AIR (Attract, Identify, Retain). Sean Ruggiero is president and founder. Since 2008 he has worked diligently in the retirement and insurance industry helping clients and agents alike. He is President and Founder of Safe Money Smart, the Director of Annuities and Retirement Income Planning for Family First Life and the President and Founder of Xeddi Sales Software Innovator. “LifeDrip is changing the way agents/advisors are marketing. 72.6% of salespeople who utilized Social Media Marketing outperformed their peers who did not, so LifeDrip is mandatory for any agent that wants to succeed in today’s market.” Sean Ruggiero, Founder and President of Xeddi.

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Presenting at DIA Barcelona Sean A. Ruggiero, Founder & President Jakub D. Smith, Senior VP Product Development

Contact info Sean A. Ruggiero, Founder & President, +12086603248, [email protected]


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