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LifeQ –  Aging Well® using a 360 degree Health Mirror through biometrics data

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 27, 2022

The importance of a healthy lifestyle is undebatable. The pandemic added to this already existing trend. More and more data is available and LifeQ is offering an independent platform to capture and use the biometrics data.

LifeQ’s mission is to help people age well. The company does this by delaying biological aging, reducing the probability of chronic disease, screening for the early onset of acute disease, maximizing human performance, harnessing more energy and gaining a deeper understanding of one’s own unique bodies and health.

LifeQ provides this capability via a wide range of everyday wearables. Its offering is integrated with top global brands, including 3 companies in the global Fortune 50, and others like Fossil, Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, Suunto, and Xiaomi adding up to 50% of all wearables manufacturers in the world. LifeQ delivers connected health solutions that help people make better lifestyle choices every day, and provides full clinical solutions that enable both self-management and real-time engagement with virtual care providers.

LifeQ deployed its in-depth knowledge of human physiology and understanding of which biometrics can be used as markers for predicting mortality and morbidity to create a magnitude of new data points using AI modeling and traditional data analytics. We have combined these new data points to create a series of health scores namely for Sleep, Cardiovascular, Activity and Fitness with Mental, Respiratory and Musculoskeletal in development. Each score provides a snapshot of an individual’s health status and longevity as it relates to mortality and morbidity risk.

This enables the insurer to offer new differentiated products that could include the dynamic adjustment of insurance premiums and specialized offerings for compromised target customer groups. Enhanced engagement leads to increased policyholder retention and loyalty. Screening for the early onset of chronic diseases enables early detection of escalating health risk areas and to develop programs, directly or via partnerships, that down manage risk of such policy holders.

How does it work?

LifeQ combines science, wearable sensor controls and software models and continuously extracts highly specific biometrics and health information. It looks at holistic health, not just step counts, heart rate or Vo2Max, at a scientific level that is highly personalised. Helping every individual consumer onto an optimised health trajectory and nurturing him / her into Aging Well® life patterns.

The accurate extraction of data is done at low power from LifeQ enabled wearable devices. The proprietary infrastructure and devices are seamlessly connected to the LifeQ Cloud based biological computation models, delivering 24/7 real-time online monitoring and access to the LifeQ Health Solutions, with a unique 360 digital view of a person’s health status. This can be included into an optimum health and lifestyle program and can be crucially important to those experiencing any health problem.

Why did we select LifeQ for DIA Amsterdam 2022?

Underwriting for Life & Health products often requires doctors’ visits and invasive tests. At the same time, there is limited understanding of the real-time health of a customer. Compromised groups face complexity and often little innovation. With LifeQ it is possible to provide real time health monitoring of policy holders, which enables a more continuous and dynamic policy, lower risk and higher engagement.

The LifeQ offering demonstrates the value to have a new type of policy instrument that provides continued risk analysis (for underwriting or premium/coverage adjustments), new areas of dynamic risk management (early detection of chronic diseases), ongoing customer engagement with customer retention benefits, and novel policy products to previously excluded target customer groups. 

At DIA Amsterdam Michael Lumpkin, Chief Revenue Officer of LifeQ, will tell more about how LifeQ uses the data and adds to aging well.

Who is LifeQ?

Incorporated in 2015, with a growing presence in the USA, Netherlands and South Africa, LifeQ’s 100+ multidisciplinary team is spearheaded by co-founders Laurie Olivier (CEO) and Franco du Preez (Chief Science Officer). Laurie has significant global corporate, startup, business development, and venture capital experience over 40 years in 50+ companies. Specializing in molecular science, genetics, Franco holds a PhD in computational systems biology, and is widely published.

“LifeQ’s mission is to help people age well – enhancing their healthspan to match their increasing lifespan. Our offering helps people to get biologically younger and transforms telemedicine into truly real-time virtual care.”

Laurence Olivier – CEO at LifeQ

As always visit their website for more information.
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