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Lokky: the insurance build for your business

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 16, 2019

Lokky is the first Italian Digital Insurance Broker focusing on more than 6 million entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees like, artisans, commercials, professionals, freelances and F&B retailers. Their offer includes the main P&C insurance coverages for business.

Today this market segment is under-covered by the traditional distribution channels: it’s too difficult and complex for the agents and it’s too small (and with too low fees) for the brokers, which prefer to focus on bigger companies (with higher revenue). This lack of coverage results in a market segment which is under-insured versus other market segments and other markets in Europe. Lokky was set up in this context, mainly looking at the unique economic texture based on SMEs and micro-enterprises, by an experienced team of professionals with diversified track record in strategy, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, venture capital. Founders in particular have a strong experience with previous start ups in several industries, including financial services and digital services to this specific market segment.


Lokky has a solid partnership with Aviva Italia and has currently 450M€ gross written premiums. They recently launched coverages for: general liability, commercial property, assistance, legal assistance, accident.

The Lokky technological platform is based on three main pillars:
1. Algorithm powered by smart analytics and artificial intelligence logics
2. Operational machine highly digitalized to support the customer experience
3. Multi-channel and proximity to the customers

A tailored policy:
Today a mechanic must find his policy in the labyrinth of different insurance packages not designed for them. He is recommended by an agent who offers  “standard” packages that contain both guarantees of their interest and useless guarantees for their activity. But they have to pay for both. Thanks to Lokky an Italian entrepreneur is easily supported thanks the algorithm that proposes him a tailored policy.

How it works

Based on very few data provided by the customer, together with additional data sources from external dataset, the algorithm identifies a specific set of coverages, providing consultancy on the main risks of the business and the optimal mix of coverages to be activated. The algorithm provides the tailor-made consultancy which usually the brokers provides to the bigger customers.

  • In a first step Lokky asks the customer for a few basic information to elaborate the policy indicated to his needs and the target price in a minute.
  • Thanks to these few questions the customer quickly has his policy and the indicative cost and can evaluate if he is interested in the second step,
  • when Lokky ask the customer for more specific information on his activity to build the customized policy and final cost.
  • Once the estimate has been drawn up, the customer finds the policy online to sign electronically without the need for paper documents.

Why we selected Lokky for DIA Munich
Lokky is the first player to offer quotation, emission, signature, payment and management for a business insurance coverage on the Italian market. They provide Italian entrepreneurs a digital solution for their business insurance needs, improving the customer engagement in self-service mode.

At DIA Munich Lokky business idea is presented by Paolo Tanfoglio, Founder & CEO

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Lokky?
The company was founded in February 2018, with market launch in October 2019.
Lokky has a partnership with Aviva Italia.

Lokky’s founders are Paolo Tanfoglio CEO and Sauro Mostarda Executive Director, both attended MBA London Business School and have a background in consulting and entrepreneurial activities.

As of today, Lokky raised over 1M€: 640K€ equity and ~650K€ banking debt and public financing.

Paolo Tanfoglio CEO                                     Sauro Mostarda Executive Director

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