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Made of Genes: The first all-in-one personal genomics complement for prevention, diagnosis and precision treatment

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 17, 2018

Promising startup Made of Genes provides a unique framework for personal genomics with focus in privacy and data ownership. They feature a service where users sequence their genome once and can access this information many times in their life, improving the efficiency of health systems and reducing their related operational costs. Always with total privacy and professional counselling.

Spanish Made of Genes is the first all-in-one personal genomics complement for a prevention, diagnosis and precision treatment to be implemented through healthcare providers with one vision “improve the global healthcare system significantly”.  

“DNA provides highly valuable information about appearance, predisposition to certain diseases and even the way someone reacts to drugs is determined by genetic information. In fact, genomics is involved in 9 out of 10 leading causes of death in developed countries.” says Oscar Flores, co-founder. Made of Genes designed and developed a model in which the users obtain their DNA sequence once, store it securely and re-use it to receive different health services during their life’s improving the efficiency of health systems and reducing their related operational costs. Made of Genes believes everyone has the right to own their genome and manage it safely. Enabling the effective implementation of genomic medicine for a better disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment from healthcare providers.

Made of Genes has commercial presence in Spain, Portugal, Colombia and the United Arab Emirates. They have won a lot of awards like the 2015 IBM Startup connect, the 2016 MIT Tech review Innovators Under 35, the 2017 Dubai Future Accelerators and in 2018 they were shortlisted “50 most promising startups”.

How does it work?
At Made of Genes they do not believe in direct to consumer approach. Everything starts with an initial interview where their genetic counselors assess user’s familiar and clinical history along with lifestyle habits in order to define relevant study areas. Additionally, they include 59 genes recommended by ACMG (American College of Medical Genetics) due to their clinical actionability. Made of Genes always tailors the genetic study to their customer needs.
Once study areas are defined, a saliva sample kit is sent to user. When the sample is obtained, they proceed to sequence and analyze it generating a first report. Results will be delivered to user by their genetic counselors in an after-test appointment.

The unique technical and functional approach of Made of Genes allows them to sequence genome once and store it forever to access unlimited personalized healthcare services while ensuring 100% privacy and security through their patented technology. The complement is provided in an all-included subscription basis, starting at € 9.95 including all the tests a person might need along with the access to the professionals in order to make the most of their genetic data.

If results show relevant findings, users will be referred to the proper healthcare professional specialist in order to establish a follow-up, prevention policies, complementary tests and other medical procedures according findings. Specialists are supported by the team of genetic counselors and scientists at any moment.

After that, users’ data will remain stored safely allowing them to re-use it every time it’s needed. Moreover, as knowledge in genetics is growing so fast every day, Made of Genes give them the possibility to have all the information already requested updated to the latest scientific discoveries.

Why we selected Made of Genes for DIA Munich
The Spanish startup provides a significant change in the traditional value chain of how genetic testing is conceived. Made of Genes created a pioneering world model for DNA analysis that does away with the need to sequence the same genome twice for two different tests.

Having genetic information integrated with other clinical data will bring the insurance company the opportunity of changing the way medical services are delivered. Together they can make precision medicine a reality. Miquel Àngel Bru, VP and co-founder of Made of Genes showcased a disruptive business model for insurers.

Who is Made of Genes?
Made of Genes was founded in Barcelona in 2015 by Oscar Flores, Computer Engineer and PhD in Biomedicine and Miquel A. Bru who has held multiple IT consulting and business development positions specializing in healthcare IT solutions. 

Key partners are Wayra, part of the biggest telecommunications company in Spain Telefonica and Business Angels. They have presence in Spain, Portugal, Colombia and United Arab Emirates. They have raised 1,2 € M in funding. Their developmental phase is production (TRL 7-8).

We want every person in the world, regardless of his/her income level, to have access to his/her DNA sequence and manage it safely, allowing in this way the effective implementation of personalized medicine for a better disease prevention, diagnosis and treatmentMiquel A. Bru, Co-Founder Made of Genes

Made of Genes Co-Founders in the front: Oscar Flores (left) and Miquel A. Bru (right)

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