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marQuake: discover the online conversations, influencers and attitudes that really matter

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 14, 2016

marQuake helps insurance companies and other organizations to sift through all the online ‘noise’, to discover the conversations, influencers and attitudes that really matter, even across hundreds of thousands of topics or sources. Agile decision-making becomes more informed and accurate, because everyone in the organization – from the agent to the claims approver to the CEO – has real-time, meaningful information about what is (and isn’t) working, what is happening in the marketplace and what it is thinking.

Sift through all the online ‘noise’
marQuake examines and then analyzes vast inter-connected networks, taking insight to a whole new level. It’s like being able to hear the whole crowd, but zooming in on the voices that really make a difference, how they relate to each other and understanding complex conversations.  Far more than just social-listening, reputation management, sentiment or media monitoring, marQuake provides a single ‘view’ and his highly customisable, whether for the CEO who just wants the headlines on his or her smartphone, or the insurance business analyst who needs to drill down into more detail. marQuake is fully hosted on the Windows Azure platform and the company recently became part of Microsoft’s prestigious BizSpark Plus program.

Why we selected marQuake
marQuake gives insurance companies clear insights into what is happening in the ‘outside world’ and how that affects their businesses. For instance, comments about new regulation, a competitor’s launch or other topical news can have a rapid and dramatic impact on an insurance firm. By providing timely, highly relevant data, marQuake also helps insurance firms to identify and react to new opportunities in today’s highly competitive market. marQuake’s founders also say that the platform supports regulatory compliance processes, through better monitoring, information control and mitigation of risk.

Who is marQuake?
marQuake’s management team consists of CEO Hein van den Steenhoven, Marc Molenwijk en Koen Borgman. Between them, they have a strong track record in the insurance and other financial services markets, through working for and with organizations such as ING Insurance, ABN AMRO, Bank of Scotland and Lexis Nexis. The team comprises both experienced business specialists as well as some highly skilled software developers with an impressive portfolio of previous projects.

marQuake’s CEO Hein van den Steenhoven
marQuake’s CEO Hein van den Steenhoven

Presenting at DIA Barcelona Hein van den Steenhoven, CEO Koen Borgman, EVP Product Development

Contact info Business Development/Sales: Koen Borgman, EVP Product Development, +31(0)152023085, [email protected]

Press/Media: Maxine Ambrose, Joint Managing Partner, Ambrose Communications, +441491412944, [email protected]


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