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MDGo: Real-time trauma analysis and car damage following a car accident

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 13, 2019

MDGo has developed a real-time accident analysis technology based on advanced AI algorithms and ML models. Relying only on existing vehicle sensors or telematics solutions, MDGo generates a real-time FNOL report describing passengers’ injuries and car damages (internal and external). With MDGo’s real-time insights, insurance companies can automate their claim process, reduce fraud and claim leakage, while providing faster and better service to their customers. MDGo’s solution is deployed in Israel and connected to 250k vehicles, via a local telematics company, reporting car accidents in real-time to the national EMS.

Unique in the market
There is no solution in the market that predicts the occupant’s injuries in real time. MDGo technology analyzes both the forces that were applied on the vehicle and on the different occupant’s organs. Real-time delivery of this data helps insurers to embrace a pro-active approach that reduces costs and time of a claim process.  Other competitors that are aiming to provide car damage analysis are mostly based on image recognition that requires the customer to take and send pictures from the scene. MDGo solution is fully automated, applies to every type of crash, and is fully frictionless. With MDGo, the insurer can take a proactive approach with claims, engage customer earlier in the process, detect fraud, and control the predicted expenses with a very low rate of claim leakage.

The Iraeli-startup is currently conducting POCs with two insurance companies, validating its ability to predict injuries in real-time, and validate against historical claims. In addition, they are engaging with different telematics providers to facilitate a partnership and offer MDGo’s solution to the existing client base. MDGo won different awards, including most promising startup at the annual Continental innovation contest (March) first place at the TU-Automotive Detroit event and also won the Plug&play mobility program expo.

How it works
Even today, in the case of a car accident connected cars send an indication to the cloud. MDGo taps into the same architecture and data stream, analyzes the whole signal, to understand the forces that were applied on the vehicle. Based on that raw data, the advanced AI algorithm translates the forces into car damage and a medical report using biomechanical tools. Then, the full analysis is sent in real-time both to the insurance carrier and to the EMS.

Why we selected MDGo for DIA Amsterdam
Though we live in a world that is driven by data, real-time information regarding the vehicle damage and the passengers’ injuries does not exist. MDGo bridges that gap through its Data-drivenServices. MDGo takes Vehicle raw data and transforms it into a full mechanical and medical report.

At the DIA they will present a live demo demonstrating how the system works in real life, describing a potential report that has been generated directly from the vehicle sensors and empowering the claim handler by providing direct visibility to the results of the accident.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is MDGo?
MDGo is founded in 2018 in Tel-Aviv by Itay Bengad, CEO – MD and M.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Gilad Avrashi, CTO – M.Sc. in signal processing and communications from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and a former team leader at Rafael and Eli Zerah, VP R&D – Electrical engineer, developer and a brilliant talent in the Makers community. Key investors are Bessemer, J-ANGELS, Jumpspeed, NEXTGEAR and UNIONGROUP.
Funding raised – 4M$ seed round

At the moment there is a live deployment with a local telematics company in Israel, and MDA – the Israeli national EMS, reporting car accidents in real-time and providing accurate medical evacuation.

MDGo was founded to tell the full story behind every car accident” Italy Bengad, CEO

London 27-28 January

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