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Medlanes: A to Z, on-demand medical network

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 10, 2018

Berlin-based Medlanes provides on-demand house calls and a wide range of other medical services for patients in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They combine high-quality medicine with cost-control and convenience.

Medlanes was founded in 2014 to provide the highest quality of healthcare to anyone in need. Their doctors diagnose, treat and advise patients in the comfort of their home, office or wherever they might be. Melanes provides health care without borders.

For a long time, patients have been unhappy with the lack of service in the healthcare industry. Long waiting times and short doctor-patient consultations are the norm. Medlanes gives doctors the necessary tools to really interact with the patient, allowing for a deeper and more reliable analysis of the ailment.

The company already has several collaborations with medical associations, insurance companies and other associations of medical companies. Medlanes provides the platform for the doctors and sees itself as a kind of Uber for digital medical care. Medlanes focuses on three key issues: The startup sees itself as an on-demand service, so it offers on-demand help. In addition, medlanes has set up a medical network, which has been joined by doctors. The digital supply, the transmission of laboratory data and not at least sick leave should be quickly and easily implemented with medlanes.


How it works
What Medlanes offers is a combination of unique artificial intelligence technology and medical expertise and experience: from a simple photo and a description of symptoms, Medlanes can quickly provide an initial medical diagnosis, followed by a consultation with a qualified specialist. A dedicated mobile application means that patients can use the service from anywhere.

There are situations where you need a doctor quickly. This does not even have to be an emergency, sometimes you just have a question or want the follow-up care to be done quickly without having to spend hours in the waiting room.

Why we selected Medlanes for DIA Munich
Companies like Medlanes have built a unique digital tool to better understand users and patients and provide them with personalized service. Medlanes has developed an innovative approach to healthcare.

At DIA Munich Dr. Emil Kendziorra, a medical doctor, founder and CEO will present the general solution as well as a novel solution to network building via blockchain

Who is Medlanes?
Medlanes is founded in 2014 by Dr. Emil Kendziorra and Erik Stoffregen, two very long-term friends (5th grade), 3rd company together, focus on Europe with Germany, Switzerland and Austria as core countries, multi-million euros raised, working with multiple insurance companies as partners as well as B2C business

The innovative approach led AXA Strategic Ventures to invest in the company, which combines the ease of online and mobile use with the quality and reliability of a doctor’s appointment.

” Medlanes makes getting quality care easy and convenient, for thousands of patients each month.” Dr. Emil Kendziorra Co-founder Medlanes

Erik Stoffregen (left) and Dr. Emil Kendziorra (right) co-founders Medlanes

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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