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Miss Moneypenny Technologies’ Wallet Studio: Pioneering a New Era of Digital Insurance Connectivity

Written by Jolijn Schalkwijk on Jan 31, 2024

Engaging with insurance companies is often characterised by a lack of direct communication and personalization, often leading to customer frustration and a sense of detachment. By integrating with digital and pre-installed wallet apps like Apple and Google, Miss Moneypenny Technologies has made insurance products more visible and interactive, turning the insurance process into an accessible, user-friendly experience and a proactive, engaging part of their lives rather than a passive, paper-based formality. This approach not only enhances customer engagement, but also reduces process costs.

Their product, Wallet Studio, transforms digital wallet cards into dynamic and interactive mini-apps. In contrast to traditional and static digital solutions, this solution offers a more intuitive and engaging customer experience. Their solution is tailor-made to tackle challenges such as digital engagement, claims process efficiency and preventive customer communication.

How it works

The operational assets of Miss Moneypenny Technologies lie in its seamless integration and functionality. Wallet Studio allows digital wallet cards to become more than mere insurance placeholders; they evolve into comprehensive mini-apps, housed in users’ preinstalled digital wallets. These apps serve as conduits to a range of services, delivering real-time updates and enabling personalized customer journeys.

The platform’s compatibility with existing insurance infrastructures ensures a smooth transition to this model. In critical situations, such as car accidents, the digital policy card streamlines the information exchange and claims process.

Why we selected Miss Moneypenny Technologies for ITC DIA Europe Munich

Miss Moneypenny Technologies’ approach resonates with the growing trend of enhancing customer experience by using technology. Their solution has been adopted by several renowned insurers and companies across various sectors. Co-founder and strategic lead Anna Bojic presented their solution at ITC DIA Europe Munich, underscoring the company’s impact on claims processes and customer communication.

Who is Miss Moneypenny Technologies?

Miss Moneypenny Technologies was founded in 2014 and has had a focus on mobile wallet and process automation since 2016. It is based in Berlin, but the company’s global footprint extends across Europe, the UK, Israel, and the US. Miss Moneypenny Technologies was founded by Anna Bojic, Marc Lampe, and Vinh Hoi Le Chau, and is supported by a team of 30 employees. The company’s solution has been adopted by over 20 major insurance companies globally, including industry leaders like Zurich, HDI and Ergo.

“Our goal in founding this company was not just to innovate but to transform an industry. We saw a disconnect in how insurance is perceived and experienced, and we are here to change that, making insurance a source of peace of mind and a symbol of trust.”

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