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MOBILISIGHTS: Revolutionizing Insurance with Connected Vehicle Data for personalized usage-based insurance and fraud prevention 

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 26, 2024

Traditional insurance models often rely on generalized risk assessments and static pricing structures. Mobilisights has a comprehensive connected vehicle data ecosystem and utilizes this real-time connected vehicle data for personalized risk assessments, customized insurance pricing, and proactive fraud prevention.  

Mobilisights provides direct access to the Stellantis vehicle data ecosystem with no additional hardware installation or cost, enabling innovative applications and services for insurance companies to offer their customers tailor-made and connected offers. The solution’s immediate activation and elimination of aftermarket hardware redefine the insurance process, making it more dynamic and responsive to individual driving behaviours. 

How it works

With Mobilisights, insurers have exclusive access to embedded telematic data from Stellantis’ brands. There is no need for aftermarket hardware and associated installation costs, offering a seamless experience for users. The commitment to privacy and compliance with regulations ensures that data is shared only with explicit customer consent. Mobilisights generates real-time and historical driving data. It has a data ecosystem from 14 global Brands with 80+ vehicle models. 

By utilizing advanced telematics technology, driving parameters and location data, Mobilisights connected vehicle data enables personalized risk assessment and helps to develop customized insurance pricing based on individual driving behaviors, it enables FNOL, an accurate assessment of accidents and claim reports and helps to prevent fraud. 

Why we selected Mobilisights for ITC DIA Europe Munich 

Mobilisights transforms connected vehicle data into a dynamic tool for risk assessment and personalized pricing. This approach marks a departure from traditional insurance models, allowing for more tailored and responsive coverage based on individual driving behaviours. 

At ITC DIA Europe Munich, Alistair Colam, Account Executive presented Mobilisights, as the new Data Company of STLA. 

Who is Mobilisights?

Mobilisights was established as an independent data unit under Stellantis in January 2023. It has a Global footprint, operating in Europe, North America, Latam and India. Mobilisights aims to harness the extensive range of data generated by connected vehicles, intending to develop innovative solutions that benefit both drivers and insurers. 

Alistair Colam and Giuseppe Noto presenting Mobilisights at ITC DIA Europe Munich 
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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