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Mobiquity: delivering human centric digital solutions with a purpose

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 18, 2021

Nowadays, businesses can build engaging relationships with their customers through their digital channels. But businesses cannot risk treating their customers as passive observes, building products and features that do not take their feedback into consideration. Looping customer feedback into the decision-making process is key to find out which aspects customers value the most, and where they find the most friction while interacting.

Mobiquity solves business frictions by connecting strategy, idea creation and execution with a dedicated team of A-list talent across all disciplines. They are a true partner that takes shared ownership and accountability and provides a sector agnostic approach to innovation, applied with in-depth industry expertise.

Applying a human centric approach
As a full-service digital transformation enabler, Mobuiqity delivers compelling digital products and services by blending strategy, creative and engineering. Their human centric approach answers some of the most important questions when it comes down to improving your customer satisfaction and revenue:

  • How to be human centric?
  • Where is the friction in your customer’s experience?
  • What needs/wants you are not addressing: new service/revenue opportunities?
  • How can you find actionable insights?

How does it work?
A look into the mobile app reviews. Mobiquity designed the Friction Report to help their clients better understand the real rub in the app marketplace, specific to their industry. Using natural language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning, they scrape data from app reviews and the web to identify the categories and features discussed by your market.

The Friction Report can be customized to any market and competitive landscape and includes:

  • Analysis of your current app and where it stands in the marketplace
  • Analysis of your competitors’ apps in the marketplace
  • Understanding of features and functionality that cause the most friction in the user experience
  • Highlights of most valued app features and functionality from your customers and prospects
  • Direct feedback from users of your app (or your competitors’ apps)

Mobiquity’s services help their clients to develop their digital solutions and offer. Their insurer clients include Amica, Arbella, Excelitas, Mercury Insurance and Travelers to support all things from digital strategy to user experience design and custom application development.

Who is Mobiquity?
Mobiquity (parent organization: Hexaware Technologies, Inc.) was founded in 2011 with a focus on mobile technology solutions. They have adapted in response to client needs and evolving technology.

Today, Mobiquity provides end-to-end omnichannel and human centric digital consulting services to leading B2B and B2C brands. They serve more than 100 million users daily, from 9 locations with 800 team members that have over 55 nationalities.

Check out their DIA Prime Time video here:

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