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Moonshot-Internet: The French Insurtech dedicated to E-commerce

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 13, 2019

Moonshot-Internet is an InsurTech that develops insurance services and products for e-commerce (travel, goods, glasses, neo-banks, etc.). Their IT system allows them to create these products within 30 to 90 days, which they deliver through an API (an end code that integrates easily no matter what site or partner application). The French startup is already named one of France’s top 20 Insurtechs, thanks to its contextual insurance that strengthens customer relations. They work with Société Générale Insurance.

Not all e-commerce players have the same clout as Amazon when it comes to a product being returned without any questions being asked when there is a dispute. For just a few euros, Moonshot-Internet can provide them with a positive response when a risk of conflict arises that has nothing to do with the service they are providing. It’s a genuine investment in customer relations. The possibilities are endless in terms of new insurance products and commercial partners. To identify them, the startup’s teams start from a client issue. If it is technically achievable and if the market response is positive, the solution is marketed for 90 days via an API, a little bit of app that the end client final can incorporate within their own IT platform.

90 days to create a new product
Through their product factory, Moonshot-Internet has the ability to create products between 30 and 90 days. Today they offer products on shelf in all sectors: travel (transport delays, missed connections …), retail, banking, sports / cultural events or tailor-made products, proposed in white label. Their products are plug & play, self-scalable with automated claim triggering. They use AI, Machine Learning and blockchain to create their products.

Mooshot-Internet consists not in selling its products to the general public, but in proposing them to commercial partners who can include them in their offers for their own clients. It’s called B2B2C. They target online stores, payment players, insurers and neobanks that can use them to win over and retain clients. They create new insurance products that provide a response to minor everyday issues thanks to services. This could be lost luggage or a cancelled concert for instance.

For example, if a consumer subscribes to their insurance for delayed flights through one of their partners, they automatically detect when the flight is delayed and send the consumer an access code so he can wait in a lounge until his plane takes off. It is no longer the consumer who comes to his insurer by filling out several forms. It is Moonshot-Internet that comes to the end consumer by offering a tangible service at the right time. 

How it works

Why we selected Moonshot-Internet for DIA Amsterdam
Traditional insurance covers random and uncertain risks such as a car accident, water damage at home or a cancelled trip because of illness. Moonshot-Internet offers an innovative approach by focusing on the client experience and immediacy. It is ultra-targeted contextual insurance.

At DIA Amsterdam, Alexandre Rispal, Co-founder & CEO, will present a new product “Broken screen” for mobile insurance with automatic underwriting and claims settlement through computer vision. This product is incredibly simple and affordable allowing millennials and all smartphone users to be protected and reimbursed in real-time.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Moonshot-Internet?
Moonshot-Internet was founded in 2017 by Emilien Matte, Alexandre Rispal and Nicolas Serceau. Their goal is to revolutionize the insurance industry and make it simple, useful and accessible to all.
Key Partners are eBaoTech, Lydia, Cdiscount, Soshop, Tridea, Monuma, Securkeys, Cdiscount. Société Générale Insurance is an investor. The startup is present in Europe. They raised 6 million euros in funding.

They are named Top 100 most innovative Insurtech in the world by Fintech Global (2018), E-Commerce Insurance Solutions by Global Business Insights (2018 and 2019), Best Insurance E-commerce Company by Wealth & Finance Magazine (2018) and Label Insurtech by Finance Innovation (2018).

”Our mission is to make insurance simple, useful, accessible to all” Alexandre Rispal, CEO & CO-founder Moonshot-Internet

Alexandre Rispal (CEO & co-founder)
Emilien Matte (Head of Digital Communication & co-founder)
Nicolas Serceau (Head of Marketing and Operations & co-founder)
Laurent Leconte (CTO)
Wenlian Han (Head of actuarial and data science)
Claire Lionel-Marie (Head of Legal, Compliance and AMLO)
Olivia Peny-Coblentz (Web developer)
Christophe Richon (Devops)
Hyohyun Baik (Lead Developer)
Megha Mohan (Product Manager)
Thibault Perraudin (Data Scientist)
Jiahui Qiu (UI/UX Designer)
Autman Sabir (Financial Analyst)
Valentin Cuiry (Strategic Marketing Project Manager)
Khalil El Amrani (Full Stack Developer)

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