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Namirial: Solving signature challenges in insurance omnichannel

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 17, 2019

Namirial is a global leader in trusted security for Digital Transaction Management with solutions for user electronic identification, multi-factor authentication, digital certificates, electronic signature, electronic invoicing, and digital archiving. The company has been certified for many products and services including as an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider.

The company is supporting insurers for more than a decade in digitizing and accelerating their onboarding and agreement processes. Insurers rely on Namirial solutions for identification, authentication and non-repudiable proofs of intent. They have been reducing acquisition costs and increasing customer satisfaction with solutions deployed in cloud or on-premise. Using Namirial they simplify their processes without compromising compliance. Namirial supports both the digitization of companies in the private sector and public administration. Other Namirial businesses units include software, services and solutions for cyber defense, telemedicine, building and construction, human resources management and integrated management systems.




In 2019 Allianz selected Namirial as global e-signature standard. One of the major reasons for this selection was the full support of all omnichannel scenarios with the broadest range of methods for electronic signature creation, catering for any use case, signing scenario and corresponding legal regulation.

As a qualified trust service provider, Namirial can issue qualified electronic certificates for existing insurance customers based on anti-money laundering identification. Certificates are hosted on hardware security modules in Namirial trust centre and signatures are created remotely. Unlike in the past there is no need to roll out cards and card readers anymore.

In digitizing their processes Namirial insurance customers have been able to cut down time-to-coverage from days to minutes, saving an average of 10 Euro per document and significantly enhance customer satisfaction ratings.

How it works

Most high value transactions, such as signing up for life insurance, are still executed in-person. However, many agents have been reluctant to adopt e-signatures in face-to-face consultation as they are missing a signing ceremony equivalent to wet ink signing on paper and are not convinced by solutions replacing handwritten signatures.

Namirial is providing both a signing ceremony that mimics the signing ceremony when signing on screen and taking handwritten signatures seriously – not just capturing an image, like couriers at a doorstep. Namirial software is collecting evidence from behavioural biometrics of handwritten signatures, capturing signals from time, location and pressure. Captured biometric data might be examined by forensic handwriting experts if a signature is in doubt.

Customers are enabled to sign legally binding on their smartphone, also able to cater for processes requiring Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) by law or where this type of signature is preferred for evidential reasons. Namirial was able to dramatically simplify the usage of this type of signature, known as complicated and expensive in the past.  

Why we selected Namirial for DIA Munich
The future of business is digital. Namirial addresses the fast-growing market of Digital Transaction Management (DTM).

At DIA Munich Namirial addressed a typical omnichannel challenge: dealing with twists and turns in a customer journey, switching between interactions in physical presence and remotely. Namirial Product Manager Christoph Bimminger and Head of Corporate Communication Joerg Lenz demonstrated together with Stefan Wernhart of Namirial customer Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG two methods of capturing legally binding proof of intent, in a signature acquisition workflow seamlessly integrated in a typical legacy system of an incumbent.

Check out their live demo here:​ 

Who is Namirial? 
The company was founded in 2000. Its current headquarter is in Senigallia, Italy. Namirial now has 20 locations in five countries employing a total of 430 people.
Together with its international network of over 120 partners, Namirial is serving more than one million organizations of all sizes, large operating enterprises as well as small and medium businesses.
Namirial customers execute more than one billion transactions per year for which more than 500 million electronic signatures are generated annually.

“Since we have started our business almost 20 years ago we have a design philosophy which is working pretty well. We are striving to make simplicity meet with trustworthiness in everything we do. Our whole business is built on trust and providing solutions easy to use without compromising compliance and making users confident in moving away from paper. Our success is based on an evolutionary approach to digital transformation rather than a disruptive one.” Claudio Gabellini, Founder and owner, president 

Compared to several other EU member states, including large ones like Germany, Italy is much more advanced in digitization in public and private sector. So, we already have some much higher numbers in e-signature adoption and we see those numbers growing faster than elsewhere. Our large corporate customers welcome our experience in process design and our sound understanding of operational, legal, technological and human factors to go digital with their processes.” Enrico Giacomelli, Founder and owner, president

Left: Claudio Gabellini,President, right: Enrico Giacomelli, Vice President

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