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Nextway: enabling seamless omnichannel communications and increasing efficiency

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 14, 2024

For insurance companies, the future means more communication with customers, a myriad of third parties, and authorities. This calls for a third-generation digital mailroom.

Nextway delivers enterprise apps that assist insurers in managing, searching, and securely storing documents in a centralized manner. This enables seamless omnichannel communications and flexible customer journeys whilst also providing a comprehensive process overview, increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced data security, and scalability. Their user-friendly software enhances processes involving paper, PDFs, and spreadsheets by automating 95% of incoming communication, turning archives into a vital active asset.

How it works

As an insurance company, having your documents in one single enterprise archive also means that you’re able to change applications with ease. You don’t have to think about your vital documents GDP- or GDPR-safe. They are all in one single place to be handled. What Nextway provides is the opportunity to have one GDPR-safe place for documents, compliant with workflow and accessible from everywhere: Next Mailroom.

Next Mailroom will capture and process all emails. The AI-based rules engine automatically classifies each email. Once a document is classified, Next searches through text, metadata, and all attachments for identifiers. Once a document is classified and set with all the required data, it’s ready for distribution to an enterprise archive, an insurance system, and maybe a customer portal. If Next fails to classify or index an email, it will automatically involve a human expert. In addition to email, Next Mailroom handles all other channels paper letters, EDI transactions, fax, text and chats, portal uploads, system output, and any new emerging channel.

Why we selected Nextway for ITC DIA Europe

Nextway is on a mission to make customer communication more efficient and empower employees to focus on handling insurance and excellent customer experiences, instead of moving paper from one place to another. This enables and empowers  employees to focus on adding value and reduces the restrictions caused by old core systems

At ITC DIA Europe Munich, Frank Kastholm, Sales Executive, and Thomas Hougaard-Enevoldsen, CEO, took the stage to present Nextway’s easy-to-use software (Next Digital Workplace) to replace processes that involve paper, PDFs, spreadsheets, and emails.

Who is Nextway?

Founded in 1986, Nextway focuses on how to bring archives back to life in banking, asset management, and insurance. Nextway helps insurers to reduce redundant work on all communications coming in, unleash their claims team, and remove the restrictions that they have. From their offices in Northern Europe, they support clients around the globe. By moving the international business community away from manual and paper-based routines, Nextway contributes significantly to reducing companies’ environmental footprint.

Thomas Hougaard-Enevoldsen, CEO, Nextway
Frank Kastholm, Sales Executive, Nextway
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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