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Norton: Protecting the identity and security of digital customers, reducing insured risk

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 5, 2023

As consumers increasingly bank and invest online, they could become more vulnerable to online identity fraud and financial fraud. Also, small businesses are particularly susceptible to ransomware and have recently seen premiums increase significantly. Some insurers have even started sub-limiting ransomware claims and applying co-insurance provisions to share the risk with the insured.

Whether it’s a consumer or business cyber-insurance policy, combining the offering with a Cyber Safety solution helps reduce the risk to the insurer and the impact of cybercrime on the customer, whether they are a consumer or a small business.

Norton’s Cyber Safety partnership helps to protect online privacy, family and identity, and adds value to the relationship with the customer, while reducing risk in consumer & business cyber insurance policies. Its cybersecurity portfolio helps insured customers keep their online information private and avoid phishing and ransomware – particularly important for small businesses. If a consumer’s identity is compromised, Norton’s Identity Restoration Specialists are available to help them resolve their identity theft.

Norton consumer cybersecurity solutions are easy to deploy and simple to deliver to customers as a value-added service (VAS). Norton helps insurers protect their customers’ devices, their data, their family, online privacy, and their digital identity. Norton delivers this through a multi-layered, expandable product and service set with the tools and flexibility to meet the needs of insurers and brokers, all tailored to market requirements and adaptable to meet evolving market needs.

How it works

Insurers can offer Norton Cyber Safety solutions to their customers as part of, or in addition to, a cyber-insurance policy. The solution is tailored to the needs of the insurer and their customer, and can comprise of:

  • Device security for laptops, PCs, and mobile devices to help consumers stay safe from online threats
  • Parental controls to help keep children safer and focused when online
  • Online privacy tools to keep customers data more secure when browsing online
  • Identity protection that helps customers monitor the dark web and accounts on popular social media accounts, receive notifications if their personal information is found, and a restoration specialist to help them if they become a victim of identity theft

Why did we choose Norton for ITC DIA Europe?

As customers increasingly bank and invest online, they could become more vulnerable to online identity and financial fraud. It is therefore logical and an important next step to have cybersecurity solutions at the fair

Norton is the most recognised Cyber Safety brand globally and the most awarded consumer security brand by PC Mag; AV-TEST: “Best Performance, Best Protection, Best MacOS Security 2021 Awards” for Norton 360, January-December 2021.

Who is Norton?

Norton and Avast are part of Gen, a global company with more than 500million customers, operating in 150 countries with revenues of more than $3.8Bn. The company has dual headquarters in Tempe, Arizona and Prague, Czech Republic. Norton Cyber Safety solutions are already available through many of the best-known operators and financial services companies in Europe and North America. Avast’s small business solutions are already available through global insurers.

“Gen’s family of consumer brands has a heritage of protecting the first digital generations and is united by a shared purpose to power Digital Freedom for the next generation of our digital lives.”

Vincent Pilette, CEO, Gen
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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