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Zelros: One step closer to your customers: Data intelligence to provide the advice your customers need, on every channel

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 7, 2021

Policyholders might be more frustrated these days as personal insurance is complex, untransparent and reactive contrary to their expectation. Zelros data-first technology helps carriers and brokers to solve this problem. Zelros is a B2B independent software vendor specialized in the insurance market. They offer a more personalized and proactive customer experience. This data-first technology leads to growth and reduced customer churn.

How does it work?

Zelros’ software connects to all carrier data (e.g. core system, CRM etc.), and comes with additional proprietary data (insurance data catalog), to propose real-time personalized recommendations, both on the physical and digital channels. This leads to higher upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and increased conversion rates. Carriers can deploy operational advanced analytics capabilities 10 times faster than traditional solutions (2 months vs. 18 months), and get competitive advantage.

Down below, the software is displayed. First you see a Mock-Up of a selfcare portal personalized by Zelros. Also, you can see advanced configuration by a system administrator.

Why we think you should definitely keep an eye on Zelros

There is a number of reasons why we think you should do this. First, because of Zelros’ software, customers can interact easily through various connected channels – a real omni-channel experience. The data from customer interactions in channels is leveraged to enable a fluid and personalized experience across all channels. Zelros has over 15 customers all over Europe and North-America and on top of that, they have been recognized as a leader in the AI-based Advanced Insurance Distribution Platform Category by Frost & Sullivan. AXA, CNP Assurances, Natixis Assurances, AssurOne and more use their product. Did you know Zelros was present at DIA München 2019? You can check out their Live Demo here on DIA TV!

Who is Zelros?

Zelros’ AI software is dedicated to the insurance distribution of tomorrow. They leverage intelligent data and provide insurers’ sales and digital marketing teams with the customer intelligence they need to create proactive and personalized experiences on any channel.

Zelros was created in 2016 and is operating in Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy), and North America (Canada, USA). They already have 15+ customers and double size each year. Recently, they raised a $11M Series A financing round, bringing the Zelros’ total funding to date to $16.5M. Silicon Valley-based BGV led the round with new participation from ISAI Cap Venture and Plug and Play. Historical investors HI INOV, 42CAP an also participated in the round.

“Like never before, insurance has become absolutely essential for the stability, security and cohesion of our planet. Our mission is to make it even more accessible and simple for all of us, through technology.”

CEO Christophe Bourguignat

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