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Onegini Connect: making online business easy and safe

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 6, 2018

At Onegini, they care about making online business easy and safe. Their Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform Onegini Connect allows to connect, manage, and engage with customers while providing top-notch security and a great customer experience. Omni-channel, so it’s suitable for web and mobile.  Onegini technology offers banking-grade security at a low cost and speeds the development and deployment of applications by 500%.

Their CIAM platform is tailored to the finance industry: banks and insurance companies really like the delegated user management, step-up authentication, and integration of public identities. With Onegini Connect, customers can become GDPR-compliant in record time. And they offer flexible hosting solutions, on-site or in the cloud. 

Their clients include strong insurance brands like Aegon, VGZ and Unive.

A difference to the industry
Onegini’s solution makes a difference to the industry as it offers an affordable omni-channel registration and login feature. Their product is tailored to the financial services industry, with meticulous attention detail when it comes to onboarding management.

For Onegini’s first customer Aegon, Onegini created the first Secure Social Login solution, something never seen in the global financial services and insurance industry before. Customers can log in easily and securely through their own social accounts such as Facebook, Google and Linkedin. The result of this was more than 80% of Aegon customers engaging online with the company during the first 3 years.

How it works
Onegini Connect enables finance and insurance companies to connect, manage and engage with their customers on a daily basis. The core set of features on the platform are constantly updated, which ensure that the latest security standards are met on a continuous basis. Onegini’s unique security platform can proactively detect abuse and fraud, which means preventing sensitive data from being leaked. Onegini integrates easily with all the tools you need such as Digid, Idin, Facebook, Salesforce, Intrasurance, SAP and Mendix, to name but a few.

Onegini developed several product features specifically for the insurance industry:

Delegated User Management: the majority of today’s insurers use brokers and agents to distribute their products. Onegini’s clients can avoid sharing their customers’ sensitive data such as usernames and passwords across these distributors by using the Delegated User Management feature.

The Internet of Things is the perfect playground for insurance companies. There are endless opportunities to engage customers and boost loyalty. Onegini offers a fully stocked IoT marketplace with pre-configured IoT applications. With Onegini Connect, users can start experimenting in a matter of days, without the development cost.

Create a frictionless omni-channel experience. Customers typically use different devices to contact their insurance company. That is why it’s important to offer a fully integrated omni-channel experience. Onegini will design the customer journey for maximum ease of use, whether they use their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

2-factor & step-up authentication. Onegini Connect includes a strong authentication feature that offers multiple levels of security. You can customize the authentication process to your exact needs and provide the smoothest possible customer experience.

Real-time dashboard for statistics, reporting and flow analyses. Onegini’s real-time insights module provides statistics about the performance of registration and login flows.

Why we selected Onegini for the previous DIA Amsterdam edition

Digital interactions across multiple channels are crucial and should be frictionless and need to be highly secure. Onegini provides a platform which combines ease of use and security at the same time.

Onegini solutions include the ability to make transactions with one click, to log in with a PIN, fingerprint, face recognition, voice recognition or other future web and mobile authentication methods. Onegini technology offers banking-grade security at a low cost and really speeds the development and deployment of applications.
Onegini has the industry insight to help customers to maximize the benefits of CIAM.

Who is Onegini?
Onegini was founded in 2011 by Jeroen Starrenburg, COO and Denis Joannides, CEO, with a mission to empower the finance and insurance industry to accelerate customer engagement. Now it is one of the FAB 30 “Coolest Tech Companies in the Netherlands, serving over 30 companies and 35 million end users in 7 countries.

The Onegini team consists of specialists as for example Java developers, architects and operational engineers who all work together in several scrum teams supported by product management and the customer success department to further improve Onegini Connect as a platform. The company has offices in The Netherlands and Poland.

The company was funded EUR 1.5 million by the Hatch Firm and Innovation Quarter in 2015.

”At Onegini, we care about making online business easy and safe. After all, everyone’s daily life is moving online. That is why we’ve developed Onegini Connect.” Jeroen Starrenburg Founder & CEO

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