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Onegini helps Insurers connect multiple IoT solutions to offer personalized services in a secure way

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 30, 2017

Onegini is a fast growing Dutch InsurTech company, listed in the Fab 30 Coolest Dutch tech companies. The company empowers insurers to accelerate their digital transformation. For instance, by providing software to seamlessly connect any IoT solution, collect large volumes of personalized data and store data securely. By offering multiple IoT services, like connected cars and home security, insurers will get more in-depth knowledge about the end-user’s personal life.

In the vision of Onegini, insurers need to engage more with their customers to drive loyalty. However, the current insurance products are from nature not very interactive so they need to extend their offering. By making the connection between IoT and customers, insurers will be able to create new business models. For all this Onegini provides:
·      Omni-channel onboarding solutions
·      Data for enhancing customer interactions
·      Analytics & Monitoring

Onegini is experienced in connecting IoT services to existing IT landschapes. Its software solution performs in depth analysis providing relevant customer profiling. And secures compliance regulations such as GDPR at the same time.

Key benefits are:
·      Increased interactions
·      Customer engagement
·      Strong online presence
·      Frictionless user experience.

Preventing damage and saving lives, by leveraging IoT and advanced Analytics
Connected home solutions, connected cars and many other IoT solutions are fundamentally changing what consumers know and how they interact with insurers. Insurers need to minimize risks and enhance customer engagement.

IoT services provide tons of new data but it’s raw and not suited for the insurance market. Onegini analyses and transforms it, to make it relevant for the end-user. For example, “Leakage Wash machine detected” or “Tires are almost worn”. By combining this information with the end-user’s product and services, it generates unique upselling opportunities.

Saving millions by offering the Leakbot
By connecting water leakage detectors such as the award-winning smart home device Leakbot, insurers can save millions of euros on claims and at the same time collect valuable personal data for analytics and big data.

Anyone who has experienced a water leak in their home from a burst pipe or leaking radiator knows just how devastating the damage can be. By raising awareness of the risks posed by the escape of water in the home and offering a solution to detect any leakage, insurers can help their customers minimize their potential exposure to water damage. At the moment several major insurers offer the Leakbot already to their customers.

Why we selected Onegini for DIA Munich
With the software of Onegini insurers are able to transform their customers into digital customers. They help insurers to get customers online, increase meaningful interactions and provide analytics to optimize channels and generate more business. By making the connection between IoT and clients, insurers will be able to create new business models.

At DIA Munich Jeroen Starrenburg CEO of Onegini and Scott Henry from Leakbot will showcase how to transform customers into digital customers using IoT by enabling the Leakbot service and how to react on water leakages events to prevent claims. They also will demonstrate how an end-user can enroll his new Leakbot device in 30 seconds and see the first result in the Insurer mobile app.

Who is Onegini?
Founded in 2011 by Jeroen Starrenburg (CEO) and Denis Joannides (CTO).  Nowadays Onegini is an international software company which focuses on empowering companies accelerating their digital transformation, by getting customers online, increasing meaningful interactions and analyzing and react. Most of their clients are banking and insurance companies. All of them use Onegini’s software to truly engage across different channels.

For Aegon, Onegini created the first Secure Social Login solution in the financial services and insurance industry worldwide. By using a social account, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and a pin code for authentication customers could login easily and securely. The result: > 80% of the customer are online and engaged. Following this success, Onegini created a Mobile Security Platform for large enterprises.

In 2016 Infosys Finacle, part of EdgeVerve Systems, a product subsidiary of Infosys (NYSE: INFY), and Onegini announced a partnership to integrate the Onegini mobile security platform with Finacle banking solutions. 


Jeroen Starrenburg, Founder & CEO        Denis Joannides, Founder & CTO           

Scott Henry, Business development director Leakbot

Website: &

Presenter 1: Denis Joannides
Presenter 2: Jeroen Starrenburg

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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