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Onegini: your partner for secure online business

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 15, 2017

Onegini, one of the FAB 30 “Coolest Tech Companies in the Netherlands” protects customer personal data and enables secure transactions on any device, any time. The company’s award-winning Mobile Security Platform provides organizations with an easy way to deliver mobile apps, with the best end-user experience and high security for external users.  Onegini solutions include the ability to make transactions with one click, to log in with a PIN, fingerprint, face recognition, voice recognition or other future web and mobile authentication methods. Onegini technology offers banking-grade security at a low cost, and speeds the development and deployment of applications by 500%.

With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, cyber security for businesses is increasingly important. Onegini technology makes it manageable, and can proactively detect abuse, preventing data leakage and fraud. At Onegini they believe customers will use their own zero trust devices to interact with organizations. They should be able to access enterprise data by using their own mobile login method instead of a method they are forced to use. Onegini’s aim is to combine security and convenience in order to allow the best online user experience.

Onegini has partnered with best-of-breed technology companies to enhance the Onegini platform, companies such as Infosys Finacle, which is part of EdgeVerve Systems, Samsung SDS, a global information and communication technology (ICT) service provider and Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies.

Onegini already protects data for millions of end users in the banking, insurance and transport markets. Clients include: Aegon (Web and Mobile), Nationale Nederlanden, UMG / IAK Insurance , Unive, VGZ, and Proximus / Belgacom.  The company has offices in The Netherlands and Poland.

Onegini bridges the security gap between organizations and mobile
Onegini empowers enterprises to securely unlock personal data to consumers. Delivering an out of the box solution including all the security standards and monitoring tools so mobile apps can access enterprise data. Onegini provides solutions for organizations in order to implement their e-business strategy securely and efficiently. The solutions are used internationally and follow the latest technology standards.

With the innovative software solutions from Onegini, organizations can quickly and safely develop mobile consumer apps and bring them on the market. The Onegini platform is unique since it enables enterprise to compete with the growing number of insurtech companies to provide their customers with a fully digital experience within less than 3-6 months.

Onegini’s platform supports easy onboarding, enrollment, secure web and mobile interactions, to know the customer process and much more. It supports:  

  • Multiple user groups: consumers, intermediaries and employers
  • Digital Onboarding: prospect, new customer and existing customers including face-2-face for high level assurance. No more usernames and passwords, only use of mobile to login
  • Accelerators of interactions whether it is a consumer or any other external user
  • Digital transaction signing and document signing 
  • Compliant to GDPR and other regulations

Why we selected Onegini for DIA Munich
Digital interactions across multiple channels are crucial and should be frictionless and need to be highly secure. Onegini provides a platform which combines ease of use and security at the same time. 

Who are Onegini?
Founded in 2012 by Jeroen Starrenburg, COO and Denis Joannides, CEO.

Jeroen Starrenburg studied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, spent 9 years working for HP and Accenture. In 2009 Jeroen became an entrepreneur. Following his successful launch of a price comparison website for online wine shops (7 million unique visitors per year, 4000 shops) he took up a full-time post as COO within Onegini.
Denis Joannides is an expert in Mobile Security & Authentication. After completing his studies in Computer Science, Denis worked for several IT companies including Oracle. In 1998, he founded the first of many IT businesses. During this period, Denis developed a number of commercial products for the top 100 companies in The Netherlands.

For Aegon, Onegini created the first Secure Social Login solution in the financial services and insurance industry worldwide. By using a social account, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, customers could login easily and securely. Following this success, Onegini created a Mobile Security Platform for large enterprises. The Onegini team consists of security specialists whose job it is to identify new threats in the mobile space and translate them into state-of-the-art mobile app protection.

The company was funded EUR 1.5 million by the Hatch Firm and Innovation Quarter in 2015.

Jeroen Starrenburg (left) and Denis Joannides (right)  founders of Onegini

“Onegini brings an added layer of security on top of API security infrastructure to protect end-to-end interactions between the business and the end-users’ mobile device.” Denis Joannides, CTO & Co-founder Onegini.


Presenter 1: Denis Joannides
Presenter 2: Jeroen Starrenburg

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