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OneWelcome: Making access to online services simple and secure. 

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 6, 2022

The pandemic accelerated the digital strategy for companies around the world. From need, it became a necessity to survive and retain competitive advantage to not only have a digital presence but also a digital storefront. Including insurers – though it is not always easy.

Most insurance companies struggle to convert prospects to customers in a frictionless online journey. It’s hard to strike a balance between collecting enough data about the client without scaring them versus complying to ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) requirements.

OneWelcome believes it doesn’t have to be like this. With its platform and services, insurance companies can offer a frictionless journey, in line with GDPR and, where needed, with verified data as a result. The company is a European provider of cloud-based identity and access management for enterprises, offering a cloud identity platform to empower companies in dynamic and regulated industries to securely connect customers and business ecosystems to their online services. The identity suite is designed for European enterprises and helps them create an omnichannel or digital customer experience that is frictionless and in line with privacy protection and the highest security standards.

How does it work?

OneWelcome provides tools for B2B, B2C and gig workers and their related use cases.

From single sign-on (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to cloud scalability, OneWelcome offers a robust set of tools that helps companies to give end-users access to their digital properties. While this is the trend right now, the company aims to move towards a ‘passwordless’ future, which OneWelcome brings to life using biometrics.

Today’s difficult password policies make people use the same password across services, which compromises their security. Apart from ‘passwordless’, the company expects banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions to get rid of paper and wet ink for Know Your Customer (KYC). Digital signing, the use of eIDs,- governmental or private party provided – to verify identity and external validations of someone’s credentials (like a driver’s license, an MBA, or a health certificate) – will be the standard in the next couple of years.

Why did we select OneWelcome for DIA Amsterdam 2022?

With cybersecurity becoming more and more of an issue, OneWelcome works on critical aspects of technology in various industries. Its cloud-based platform and suite of services enable users to log in across platforms and services, never jeopardizing the privacy and security of customers. As a GDPR compliant tech vendor, it puts privacy, data integrity and security of customers and their end users at the forefront.

The OneWelcome cloud platform enables frictionless user journeys to collect verified data from prospects to fulfill all KYC needs. Data can come from any trusted source, be it SSI Wallets, eIDs, or Bank IDs. With more than 70% market share in the Dutch insurance market, OneWelcome has proven this is feasible.

At DIA Amsterdam the founder and CEO Danny de Vreeze, Wouter de Wit, Product Manager, and Jeroen Starrenburg, COO presented the customer journey of a car insurance quote, including Self-Sovereign Identity Wallets. Starting with a collection of the bare minimal data that is needed to securely store an individual’s quote. Watch the presentation here!

Who is OneWelcome?

OneWelcome was born in 2021 from the merger of two Dutch SaaS companies Onegini and iWelcome. Combining efforts lead to a vendor that now offers a SaaS in Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) with a clear mission to make digital business for European enterprises simple and safe.

OneWelcome protects tens of millions of European digital identities for customers like Aegon, Admiral Insurance, Baloise, Makakoff Humanis, PostNL, Dutch Railways, and the European Central Bank. The company serves 100+ enterprise customers across Europe, mostly in regulated industries.

OneWelcome is certified by the Dutch Government for eIDAS and handles 75% of the Netherlands eHerkenning traffic. One Welcome has more than 120 employees and is headquartered in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, with international offices in Germany, Poland and Romania.

Our identity vision centers around connecting and protecting people, businesses, and things. Combining Onegini’s mobile authentication and core identity capabilities with iWelcome’s leading consent management and B2B delegation management functionality creates the richest platform in the market.”

Danny de Vreeze, Founder and CEO

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