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Oodit: risk-management made easy

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 11, 2019

Oodit develops software to make organizations safer. The Dutch startup knows what their customers need to manage their business risks efficiently. They digitalize risk inspections of objects and prevention actions and focus on risk management, risk assessments and inspection-management. The result is higher risk-awareness at all levels in the organization. The software is user-friendly and works intuitively by simply adding existing data. Users retain control and management can respond immediately to current developments. In addition, Oodit develops customized modules for company-specific situations. Their team of experts ensures that everything is tailored to the risk processes of the customer. API available for integrations with CRM and workflow systems. Oodit empowers the insurance business with insights of their insured risks.

Oodit works for well-known Dutch insurance companies, brokers and insurance risk advisors like Rabobank, Achmea and NN.

Understanding risk
Understanding risk. Many believe that risk management is about avoiding risk, but risk has to be understood, usually measured by the financial impact it has. It’s about making rational decisions that affect the strategy and operation of a company. Regulation has deepened and the traditional model of risk managing is no longer possible because every company has to have more advanced regulatory and legal capabilities. On top of that, customers are becoming more concerned with the overall experience, making risk managers work jointly with operations, product, and other sectors to provide for a highly customer-oriented solution.

Different types of risk
Credit risk has been the reason for credit scores and valuations. The second type of risk is Market risk. It happens because of the unpredictability of markets, something risk managers try to avoid by having a thorough understanding of the risks they are taking. The final main type of risk is Operational. The category includes human errors, cyber-crime, or emerging technology. It is the broadest sector of risk management that includes a wide range of risks.

Oodit digitalizes the whole process, PDCA cycles included. By doing so the price per inspection, expert review and/or taxation plummets. They also facilitate them with their Duty of Care (“Zorgplicht”). The advanced and intuitive Oodit software makes enterprise risk management simple. Users are able to take strategic and tactical decisions based on insights. Every user of the Oodit Risk Plan can share knowledge about risks and identify threats.

Duty of Care
The Oodit platform is supported by multiple modules in the field of risk management. Together they connect all components within an organization. With the platform users always have the complete overview. It also includes prevention management and duty of care (zorgplicht).  

Oodit helps risk advisors and insurance advisors to identify and capture client-risks and customer information of a company. In their platform they capture all relevant data for a complete risk advice and at the same time they keep a record what has been shared with the client and track-record how the advice has been built up. At the same time, it’s an advice tool for a risk/insurance advisor to share prevention and actions which are related to his risk and to inform clients about the status and the choices they have made. 

Key benefits

  • Efficiency, saving time of experts and office staff
  • Grip on risks: insights of risk on portfolio of objects
  • Increase execution of risk measures and prevention actions
  • Less damages due to more grip on risks measures & actions
  • Improved engagements with clients
  • Added value through unique proposition
  • Integrations with other platforms (IOT)
  • Decreasing costs while the process is digitalized

How it works

Oodit creates a journey from intake to prevention. Starting point is a complete intake of the risk(s), create a risk plan, set the measures and follow up with prevention, including the whole workflow.

They digitalize and present online the prevention actions towards clients or insurance agents. Via the Oodit interface they share the status of prevention actions, they give advice, tips and an alert on deadlines of prevention actions and contractual to do’s, like NEN certification and other guidelines.

Why we selected Oodit for DIA Amsterdam
The Amsterdam-based startup makes risk and inspection management accessible, easy and valuable by digitalizing the whole process. The user-interaction is key.

At DIA Amsterdam they will show and tell how easy it is to complete an inspection and share prevention actions.

Check out their live demo here:

Who is Oodit?
Oodit is founded in 2012 by Jaap van Gent, (CEO), Jonathan van den Bosch (CCO) & Koen Willems (CTO/COO). The company is located in Amsterdam and is privately owned by the founders.

Oodit works for NN, Rabobank, Achmea Interpolis, Centraal Beheer, Avero, Achmea Agro, Summa, Aon, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Moerdijk, Signify and RAI.

 “We have a mission to innovate risk management and with each release of our platform to raise the bar. Insurance companies can win a lot by digitizing and collecting their information via Oodit. More insights on the portfolio of risks per client, prevention status and an enormous efficiency boost.”

Jaap van Gent, CEO

Jonathan van den Bosch , CCO

Koen Willems, CTO/COO

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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