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Open as App: Transforming data and spreadsheets into mobile Apps in minutes        

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 22, 2020

We live in the age of Big Data, with enormous amounts of data being created and collected at an extraordinary rate. How to turn this wealth of data into useful information, is a challenge for many companies. This is no different for insurance companies, collecting lots of data and working with data across many different departments. To access this data and turn it into something useful for the business is a major challenge. It often requires IT involvement or involving external suppliers – and it often takes months to create a solution that works.

Open as App is the first no-code platform for automated app creation. It enables robotic app creation through a no-code AI-driven platform, resulting in intelligent, data-driven apps. Their solution is used by thousands of customers, among them many insurance companies. Their platform understands data and spreadsheets and will instantly create app interfaces on top of it. This way Open as App transforms existing expertise into business value and supports insurers in accelerating the speed of digitization.

How it works
Open as App is a truly no-code platform with unique technology that can transform structured data and spreadsheets, including their entire logic, into platform agnostic, native mobile apps. The platform analyzes and understands the connected data source and will instantly create an app interface, on top of it.

Open as App automatically transfers database and Excel content, such as diagrams and formulas, into user-friendly apps with comprehensive business functions. These apps are immediately available on all major platforms, natively in both iOS and Android, as bot and chat clients, and on the web. Control over the data and users remains with the client.

The most common use cases, across all verticals, are for calculators of any kind, for example insurance tariffs, leasing, pricing- and sales offer calculators. Return on investment calculators for Sales and Service are also being created, using Open as App. Other uses are as a Rapid Prototyping Platform and as a basis for Management Reporting, for example to create parameter-based simulation scenarios.
In the Insurance vertical Open as App is often used for Tariff calculators, Sales supporting Apps, Health check Apps, Tariff Up- and Cross-Selling Apps.

Open as App enables business users or “citizen developers” to build apps and maintain them. It is very straightforward to use – and helps create apps in only minutes, without the involvement of IT departments or external suppliers.

Helping insurers make use of data quickly and efficiently
Open as App is already being used by many leading brands – it is used by more than 16.000 companies, including McDonalds, Siemens, PWC and T-Mobile, to name just a few. Altogether there are currently more than 65.000 apps live, created with Open as App, across many different types of organizations, from big to small. Insurance companies that already work with Open as App include ARAG, SDK and Hallesche Krankenversicherung and many more.

Insurance clients report achieving up to 60% higher closing rates for dedicated tariffs and products. They also find their completion rates increase significantly: more than 30% in specific campaigns. By using Open as App, business users can take control, creating and maintaining apps, without needing support of scarce IT-resources, with 80% less time of IT departments spent on app creation and maintenance efforts.
Return on investment for the use of Open as App can usually be achieved in less than 6 months, with only two or three apps created. This usually won’t be a problem: once people have seen the platform in action, they will see opportunities to use it in their own department or team. For many insurers, Open as App has become part of their IT Infrastructure.

Who is Open as App?
Open as App is the first no-code platform empowering everyone to create and share apps automatically, including logic, charts, and calculations. Open as App was founded by Stephan Methner in 2016. Its Headquarters are located in Munich, Germany, and Sales Offices are based in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

“The massive need for mobile apps and the scarce availability of mobile app developers at the same time, was one of the key drivers to create a platform, that empowers every business user to create mobile apps without any coding skills. With more than 1.5 billion Excel users, whose knowledge is one of the major sources of existing business logic, we saw a clear opportunity to make this knowledge more widely available to the business through mobile apps. That’s why we developed a platform that will understand structured data and spreadsheets and will instantly create app interfaces on top of it. We empower every user to turn any type of data on any platform, into something useful, and share it in a secure way.” Stephan Methner, Founder and CEO, Open as App 

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