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Openclaims: the online claim tendering platform

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 17, 2017

Dutch startup of the year 2017 Openclaims offers insurers, leasing companies and fleet owners an online platform to tender and manage their customers’ motor insurance claims. The Openclaims platform matches individual repair jobs to the best-suited body shop, based on capacity, expertise, lead time, price, and repair quality. Openclaims believes in transparency to improve customer satisfaction, repair quality, body shop success and efficiency. They are active on the Dutch market and preparing an international rollout of activities. 

Openclaims provides a white-label SaaS platform to handle motor insurance claims. The platform allows insurers to create an excellent customer journey (our NPS is +40!) and distribute damages based on their auction model. Each individual claim is auctioned. The most fitting body shop is chosen on a number of variables e.g. quality of service, quality of repair, price, location, expertise, occupancy rate and estimated repair time. This is fundamentally different from the traditional model; where prices are negotiated every year and the engagement towards customers is low or non existing.
Openclaims works for some of the Dutch leading brands in the insurance and leasing industry, including Centraal Beheer Achmea, Ditzo and Mister Green Electric Lease.

Body shop network management & claim handling reinvented
Openclaims helps manage the body shop network by tendering individual claims. Easily select the best performing and most efficiently operating body shop for each individual claim. Openclaims provides clients with a dynamic model, in which they can easily select the best performing and most efficiently operating body shop for each individual claim. Every damage is handled quickly by the most fitting body shop. The results have a significant impact, out-of-pocket claims costs are reduced with more than 20% and customer satisfaction improves massively (NPS of +40, compared to the traditional NPS of below 0).

  • Control: full control of repair network and each individual repair process
  • Quality: possibility to offer only the best quality of repair and service
  • Distinctiveness: an easy, excellent and unique customer journey for customers
  • Cost saving: a significantly saving on out-of-the-pocket claim costs, up to 20-25%

Why we selected Openclaims for DIA Amsterdam
Openclaims brings transparency to the repair market, similar to what many markets have gone through in the recent past. As in any transparent market, this allows high quality body shops to truly distinguish and specialize themselves. Consumers can therefore experience superb repair quality at the best available rate. Transparency in the repair market leads to improved customer satisfaction and repair quality, a better match between supply and demand and new perspectives for true distinctiveness in insurance offerings. Furthermore it will improve cost efficiency across the value chain.

At DIA Amsterdam Lex Orie, CEO and Stephan Stergiou, COO will provide a walkthrough from an end-customer point of view, showing the fundamentally different customer journey and it’s impact. In addition, they will show the impact the auction model has on out-of-pocket claims costs. Lex Orie, CEO. Stephan Stergiou, COO

Who are Openclaims?
Openclaims is founded by Lex Orie, CEO (left) and Stephan Stergiou (COO). Lex Orie was before he started Openclaims, co-founder of online insurer Onna Onna. Stephan Stergiou co-founded HowAboutSales and DrukwerkMAX.

Lex Orie, CEO (left) and Stephan Stergiou, COO (right)


Representative: Lex Orie

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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