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Openclaims: transparency in motor insurance claim handling

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 1, 2016

Openclaims offers insurers, leasing companies and fleet owners an online platform to tender and manage their customers’ motor insurance claims. The Openclaims platform matches individual repair jobs to the best suited body shop, based on capacity, expertise, lead time, price, and repair quality. Insurers can therefore fundamentally improve the customer experience, lowering claim handling costs and out-of-pocket repair costs at the same time. In addition to the tendering process, the platform also manages the complete repair process using track-and-trace functionality. Offering a fully tailored and branded environment to each insurer, insurers become the ‘director’ of a distinctive and customer oriented repair process. Insurer, body shop and customer have a clear insight in each step of the repair process, lowering uncertainty and need for costly ad-hoc customer contact.

Why we selected Openclaims for DIA Barcelona
Openclaims brings transparency to the repair market, similar to what many markets have gone through in the recent past. As in any transparent market, this allows high qualitaty companies (in this case body shops) to truly distinguish and specialize themselves. Consumers can therefore experience superb repair quality at the best available rate. We totally agree that transparency in the repair market leads to improved customer satisfaction and repair quality, a better match between supply and demand and new perspectives for true distinctiveness in insurance offerings. Furthermore it will improve cost efficiency across the value chain.

Who is Openclaims
Openclaims is the combined effort of Lex Orie, founder and former CEO of Dutch niche insurer Onna-Onna and Stephan Stergiou, founder of multiple ventures in both the software and (online) printing sector. Combining insights from the insurance, software and printing markets, together with their team, they built a scalable, web based platform to tailor the needs of insurers, leasing companies and fleet owners of all sorts and sizes. “Transparency is like oxygen to competition, distinctiveness and innovation. Disfunctional markets allow for overpriced services, with consumers losing out” Lex Orie

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Presenting at DIA Barcelona Lex Orie, CEO Stephan Stergiou, CPO

Contact info Lex Orie, CEO, +31 20 261 37 19, [email protected]


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