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Optisure: Small business insurance for freelancers and the self-employed made simple

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 19, 2018

Optisure is an online-only commercial insurance platform for digital native entrepreneurs. The insurance startup from Karlsruhe creates fair and modern insurance solutions, tailored to cover the professional risks of freelancers the self-employed and small businesses. Optisure will develop its own, exclusive insurance solutions with insurance carriers and product providers; these solutions will meet the modular and holistic online-approach as well as contribute to significant simplification. To minimize the complexity of risks within each target group and to provide automated insurance cover, their product management analyzes the typical risks of each target group to develop standardized products and tailored risk profiles.

Optisure currently acts as a licensed broker in Germany and also handles parts of the policy management for one insurance carrier, payment, quotation, underwriting and policy-issuing, – offering cover for IT-Freelancers. By 2021 Optisure will cover all relevant insurance needs for up to 55 professions within Germany and expand in Europe. Acting as an MGA for several insurance carriers and provide an automated policy lifecycle management platform for customers and insurance carriers.

Optisure creates a 100% customer-centered and digital user experience.  The entire process is online and in real time but that does not mean that customers get a standard insurance.

Better than any human broker
The Optisure OptiBot algorithm advises customers individually and automatically determines the optimal insurance protection.

How it works:
From first visit to insurance coverage in 4 steps and only 5 minutes:

  • Assessment of individual professional risks through an intelligent online dialogue, called OptiBot
  • Immediate individual quote
  • Entering personal data and payment method
  • Buying insurance with a click, without a signature

Why we selected Optisure for DIA Amsterdam
Optisure brings insurance to the self-employed like freelancers and small businesses. This is essential as there is a growing need and only limited access. Optisure offers a new and holistic approach. They make commercial insurance fairer, easier and more customer-oriented. Their OptiBot is an algorithm driven risk assessment tool which creates individual recommendations, quotes and cover in only 5 minutes and 100% online.

At DIA Amsterdam they will showcase new features of the OptiBot, additional modules and new target groups.

Who is Optisure?
The Optisure GmbH is a startup in Karlsruhe from the InsurTech area backed by Hiscox. Founded in 2016 by Lars Bauer end Christoph Maile. The team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, insurance professionals, product managers, designers and developers.
Lars is also founder and former CEO of – Germany’s best-known price-comparison site. Since his exit in 2011 serial entrepreneur and member of advisory boards of various companies. Christoph Maile Co-Founded BonSure in 2003, a local broker, where he was head of the commercial Insurance department until 2017.

Christoph Maile (left) and Lars Bauer (right), co-founders Optisure

As a digital native entrepreneur buying and managing insurance was one of the few time-consuming, analogue and dreadful things I had to do, but tried to avoid. I didn’t want to accept the status quo anymore. That’s why we founded Optisure to make small business insurance easier, faster and digital. Lars Bauer, co-founder


Presenter 1: Lars Bauer
Presenter 2: Chris Maile

Contact info: Lars Bauer
Email: [email protected]

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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