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Penbox: Turning complex processes into delightful digital experiences

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 22, 2023

Many players in the insurance industry still have to deal with complex admin-intensive processes, which they would like to digitalise to see them run more smoothly and efficiently. Penbox’s innovative platform was built to rapidly digitalize these complex processes.

Penbox enables companies to transform their email, paper and call exchanges into delightful digital experiences, even for their most complex processes. By using Penbox, insurance companies can go from idea to production in less than a week. Several insurers in France and the Benelux have already improved their customer experience and increased their data security, using Penbox low-code platform.

How it works

Penbox’s end-to-end solution contains the features companies require to simplify these complex processes: dynamic forms, intelligent multi-channel notifications, embedded personalization, advanced automation and integrations. Insurers can easily integrate Penbox digital flows into their websites, customer zones, CRMs and core systems using Penbox’s progressive integrations framework.

Penbox’s low-code studio enables operations and IT to quickly develop digital interactions that cover all the complex business logic required in a matter of days.

Why did we choose Penbox for ITC DIA Europe 2023?

Penbox tackles three major current trends:

  1. the urgent need to digitalize and automate processes
  1. the increasing demand for enhanced customer experience
  1. the need to close security and compliance gaps in existing processes

Christophe Castan, Co-Founder of Penbox will take the stage at ITC DIA Europe to present how easy it is to transform a complex process into an integrated digital experience using the real use case of a major insurer.

Who is Penbox?

Penbox (Belgium) was founded in 2019 by a team of four experienced professionals, two of whom had previously led the digitalization efforts at AXA Insurance. The company is supported by two major venture capital firms, Fortino Capital and the Faktory. Penbox serves more than 350 players in the insurance sector. Its customer base includes clients from both the Benelux region and France.

“We are on a mission to offer a more modern, convenient and streamlined way of obtaining and providing information and documents for individuals and businesses alike.”

Founders Penbox
Founders Penbox
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