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Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 30, 2022

The way consumers are buying insurance is changing, with a growing share shifting online and embedded in customer journeys to buy different products or services. Embedded insurance has been widely identified as a major growth opportunity, expected to grow to
$3 trillion over the coming years: an area that insurers can’t afford to ignore.  

With their white label platform, helps insurers to embed and sell their offers online and therefore scale their business in a new futureproof way. Thanks to APIs that easily integrate with existing IT systems and don’t require a change of core systems, their solution results in fast implementation. This means that insurers can start reaching and engaging new customers in a matter of days.

There seems to be a widespread belief that embedded insurance only works for small-ticket items, like travel insurance, bike insurance and so on. disagrees and states that with well-optimized ways of driving traffic and exemplary customer journeys, companies can make use of embedded insurance for all kinds of products, including big-ticket items. achieves both with their white-label solution Penni Connect, which helps insurers sell products online via all kinds of distribution channels. The Penni Connect solution does this via widgets, that can easily be plugged into apps and websites. As partner, also helps their customers by continuously monitoring the customer journey and resolving potential bottlenecks.

How it works helps their clients to embed and sell insurance solutions anywhere and at any point in the customer journey with their flexible solution Penni Connect. As a result, businesses can be scaled in new, future-proof ways. works with APIs that can be easily integrated with existing IT systems and it doesn’t require a change of core systems, resulting in swift implementation, enabling insurers to reach and engage with customers in just a couple of days. 

Penni Connect creates pre-built embeddable widgets and frontends that can be embedded directly into existing websites, mobile apps and other digital platforms. The end result is that a partner can immediately make use of embedded insurance, without needing to first invest in IT.

Penni also helps their partners by optimizing the ways they drive traffic, making customer journeys even shorter and more efficient. ‘Insights’ is a special feature that shows partners’ statistics on their customers’ behavior throughout the journey. Statistics such as conversation rate, lead generation, where people are dropping off, and which pages they’re interested in, all updated in real time.  Common reasons for drop-offs for example are consent forms being presented too early into the customer journey. Moving it to a later stage in the journey is more beneficial and reduces drop-off. With these insights Penni helps their partners to further optimize the customer journey, increase engagement and conversion.

Why did we invite to DIA Munich 2022? taps right into the trend of machine learning and embedded insurance and offers a flexible solution, Penni Connect, that meets the challenging aspects of embedded insurance and changes the way people engage with insurance online.

You can now watch’s short demo and how they manage to sell embedded insurance for products and services that are not just low-ticket items.

Who is was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen by CEO Jeppe Klausen and Esben Toftdahl Nielsen with the vision to fundamentally change the way people engage with insurance and create great online customer journeys for insurance. is active in Spain, Denmark, Sweden, France and the UK and works with major insurers such as AXA and Generali.

Online distribution and embedded insurance will boom (even more) due to most private line insurance products becoming commodities. This will drive competition.”

Jeppe Klausen, CEO
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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