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Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 25, 2021

Across many industries, the shift to digital shows no signs of slowing down, on the contrary: online is set to become the preferred distribution channel in several areas. This shift is also taking place in insurance – and insurers are seeking to increase and improve their digital distribution channels to accommodate this change. Many insurers and brokers still struggle to sell digitally through partnerships due to constraints on internal IT-systems, lack of API’s for digital collaboration and not knowing how to best establish a customer journey for online sales through partners. This is where can help. is a software provider that enables insurers to sell insurance products online through any distribution channel with their white-label solution called Penni Connect.
Penni Connect enables the customer journey across various distribution partners by providing embeddable insurance widgets that easily plug into applications and websites. is using powerful analytics, behavioral science and machine learning, to gain insights to make sure the customer experience and the conversion rates are continuously optimized.

Increase insurance sales by “transactional proximity”
As customers are moving more and more online, insurers need to think about “transactional proximity”: how can you embed your insurance solution as close as possible to a product or service, that the end customer is interested in? When you’re able to get very close to that product or service, you’re making it easy for customers to purchase insurance then and there, and eliminate seeking second opinions on different insurance products, or making price comparisons.

The benefits for both insurance carriers and distribution partners are substantial. They will see the costs of sales decrease, because they’re placing their products where the customers are, instead of trying to move customers to their products. They will also see conversion rates increase, as the insurance is being offered in the right context, when customers are more open to this type of offering and it’s tailored to their needs.

How it works enables insurers and their distribution partners to embed insurance solutions anywhere. They offer a flexible solution, Penni Connect, for creating embeddable widgets & frontends, connected to their headless Content Management System (CMS), enabling partners to edit and publish content via an intuitive content management system that supports localisation. The platform comes with pre-built and bootstrap full-site templates to help speed up the development of full customer journeys for purchasing insurance. The same goes for widgets that can be embedded directly into existing websites, mobile apps and other digital platforms.

Penni’s platform comes with RESTful APIs that are designed to increase speed of development of frontends and widgets. Moreover, the APIs can be used by distribution partners to embed insurance products into any solution. Penni Connect has pre-built frontends and widgets that can interact with the API. And with already enabled analytics and tracking capabilities, a rating engine, report systems and much more.

The platform also provides a flexible integration framework, enabling integrations to both legacy policy systems and API gateways. Often integration into existing backend systems is complex, time-consuming and difficult to maintain. Penni’s integration framework reduces complexity and increases the speed of integration and maintaining integrations, so that insurance products can be launched online quickly.

Go-to-market fast, with a flexible and robust solution
With their solution Penni Connect, enables insurers to easily embed insurance anywhere in the customer journey, across multiple distribution partners. This approach has important benefits for insurers, compared to developing bespoke or custom solutions for each of their distribution partners. Developing bespoke solutions usually requires significant investment and a lot of development time; they’re difficult to scale, as each partner is different,  and they require ongoing resources dedicated to maintenance and optimisation. By using Penni Connect, insurers will avoid all this, which will speed up their time-to-market: their solution allows for most digital offerings to be embedded in distribution channels in less than four weeks. Penni continuously improves the performance of their solution with split-testing and based on behavioral science, sharing these insights with insurers.
Their solution also has the flexibility to help cover a range of different digital touchpoints and apps, that distribution partners employ to engage with their customers. It offers flexibility to fit with the distribution partner’s digital ecosystem and their visual design in use of colors, buttons, shapes and other design elements. is changing the way people engage with insurance online. They already work with several insurance carriers and distribution partners across Europe, including Allianz, Tryg (the second largest insurance company in the Nordics region), FDM, April and Bought By Many, to name just a few.

Who is was founded in 2016 by two good friends from Copenhagen: Jeppe Klausen and Esben Toftdahl Nielsen. Both have extensive experience building and scaling IT solutions for the insurance sector, as well as strategic and commercial experience. They’ve built out their team with engineers passionate about solving problems by developing smart technological solutions.  Penni’s vision is to fundamentally change the way people engage with insurance. They’re dedicated to creating great online customer journeys for insurance with the ambition to become the leading platform for digital distribution of insurance solutions. is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jeppe Klausen, CEO & Founder, and Esben T. Nielsen, CCO & Co-Founder,

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