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Persado: AI platform transforms insurance by unlocking the power of words and language

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 6, 2019

By combining words with data, Persado breaks down marketing creative into six key elements and then runs experiments on thousands of potential message combinations to generate the best-performing content to speak to each customer across their entire journey. With Persado users know that their digital marketing is fully optimized for brand engagement and revenue performance. Persado uses AI, linguistic science and machine learning to bring accountability to communications and creative in marketing and across the entire enterprise that drives double- and triple-digit revenue growth for their customers.

The hardest questions for a CMO to answer from the CEO or board of directors are “Why did you approve that creative message?” or “Why did you sign off on that creative marketing campaign?” The truth is that marketing leaders don’t have a data-driven way to answer that question and be certain they are using the words that move their audience to act, be that buy, renew, or just engage with a brand. Until now.


Persado has CMOs of the biggest companies in the world, like JPMorgan Chase, who are leveraging the Persado platform to enable a complete marketing creative transformation and competitive differentiation. Persado is available in over 25 languages and currently works with Humana in the U.S. market.


Unlocking the power of words
Persado is reinventing digital marketing creative by applying mathematical certainty to words, the foundational DNA of marketing. By unlocking the power of words, companies win every digital marketing moment, experiencing dramatic new levels of brand engagement and revenue performance across every channel. They help CMOs and their teams to have peace of mind with data-driven certainty that their brand voice is delivered consistently in every communication across channels.

Perdado customers get up and running with their first campaigns and insights in a matter of weeks.  Their technology integrates easily with a company’s existing marketing infrastructure and datasets, multiplying impact, and side-stepping massive data integration hurdles typical of other AI projects.

How it works
Persado technology generates creative content using data science and AI to render copy proven to be the most compelling message to individual customers and  The Persado Message Machine uses AI, data science, computational linguistics and machine learning to generate the perfect message for every campaign by leveraging the world’s most advanced marketing language knowledgebase of more than one million tagged and scored words and phrases.
Insurance messages – from marketing, claims management, billing, collections, customer service and everything in between – are based on guesswork. Marketers use gut feel and subjective experience to guide the words they use to impact the business in terms of acquiring new customers, getting current customers to pay on time or delivering service to both new and existing customers. Persado created a unique and comprehensive database for marketing language that, far greater than just a dictionary, groups and tags words and phrases into hierarchical categories with words and phrases associated with each. For example, to express “Urgency,” Persado collected thousands of ways to express it: “open now to claim,” “expiring soon,” “you’re running out of time,” etc.

These categories form the backbone of Persado-generated messages. By changing the positions, values or words, Persado can easily produce a tremendous amount of language combinations.

Why we selected PERSADO for DIA Munich
Persado’s technique is incredibly promising. It helps brands and companies to harness the full power of words and drive meaningful communications with prospective and current customers. Basically, they are reinventing marketing by applying mathematical certainty to words. By unlocking the power of words, companies can win every marketing moment, experiencing new levels of brand engagement and revenue performance.

At DIA Munich, Assaf Baciu Co-founder, SVP of Product & Engineering at Persado will show and tell.

Check out their live demo here:​

Persado was founded on 12/12/12 by Alex Vratskides (CEO) and Assaf Baciu (SVP Product & Engineering), as math nerds, they think that fact is pretty cool. Just as they geek out about data, they have a deep appreciation for the power of language.
Their company is made up of everyone, from Math Olympians to pioneers in natural language processing to some of the world’s foremost experts in data science. And that is only half of who they are. They are also comprised of leading linguistic specialists, marketing experts, talented translators and more, all working together to help companies globally win every digital marketing moment.
Persado has more than 250 partnerships with CMOs and marketers who are also seeing significant improvement in creative performance.

Alex Vratskides
Previously, Alex co-founded Upstream in 2001 and served as the company’s CEO between 2004 and 2012.

Assaf Baciu
Assaf is SVP of Product & Engineering and co-founder of Persado. Assaf is responsible for the progression and foresight of Persado’s growing product portfolio and the management of all product advancements. Prior to joining Persado, Assaf was VP of Product for Upstream, where Persado’s core technology originated.

“We founded Persado to disrupt choice of words by utilizing AI, machine learning and data. Our goal has been to create hundreds of enterprise-wide partnerships with innovative brands like Chase to help them harness the full power of words”

Alex Vratskides, co-founder and CEO of Persado

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