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Photocert: Enabling seamless automation, effective fraud prevention & successful customer retention

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 17, 2018

London based Photocert certifies images and videos the moment they’re shot along with associated GPS, date & time and the source device information. This generates a unique fingerprint which they store on the blockchain to allow all parties can cross-check the validity of said media. Their solutions allow insurers to validate the condition of an item at the point of underwriting as well as the state of damage at the point of a claim. This reduces opportunities for fraud, eliminates unnecessary paperwork all while improving the customer experience of traditional insurance interactions. Photocert uses AI & Computer vision to interpret the contents.

Insurance is a taxing process riddled with many unnecessary and archaic processes. These processes often leave customers feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. By enabling policyholders to process claims in their own time at their own pace with certified pictures and videos, insurers can improve the customer experience of insurance whilst improving efficiencies and reducing fraud.

Self-claim without increasing fraud
What makes their solution unique is the ability to empower customers to self-claim without the risk of increasing levels of fraud. Photocert allows customers to start their claim process at any time in their own time. Using Ai & Computer vision, they interpret the contents of an image to automate many of the taxing processes associated with making a claim.

Photocert recently partnered with one of Europe’s leading claim valuation firms to allow insurers and policyholders alike to see the value of their covered items for underwriting & claims.

The startup is currently working with different companies where the validity of images is crucial to operations. Also, they are working with a payday loan company which is using Photocert’s solution to simultaneously certify a signed loan agreement and the signee.


Why we selected Photocert for DIA Munich
Photocert redesigns the way insurers interact with policyholders. By delivering an entirely mobile-driven experience, Photocert enhances the highest customer engagement in motor, property and contents insurance. Thanks to Photocert’s solutions, policyholders can start a claim through their insurance provider’s app by independently providing photo and video evidence that is automatically available on the claim handler’s web platform. The claim life-cycle is shorter, with an improved decision-making process at First Notice of Loss (FNOL). Preventing fraud as the insurer can trust the pictures uploaded by the customers with no need to verify their authenticity nor doubt about the real date of the shot.

Insurance claims made simple, faster and transparent. Photocert shows that it is possible.

At DIA, Pasquale Saviano, founder & CEO will show their solutions in action to illustrate how they extract information from a picture and how it can be used to speed up the claim process.

Who is Photocert?
Founded in 2016 in London.

Photographic evidence is becoming widely accepted by insurers, as use of this type of evidence begins to grow it is important that safeguards are in place to allow insurers to remain a step ahead fraudstersPasquale Saviano, founder & CEO


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