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Predictivebid: the bidding platform of the future for insurance

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 17, 2017

Predictivebid is a Tel-Aviv based tech company, building the most advanced AI platform for online customer acquisition through Search & Social campaigns based on Life Time Value Measurements. They excel in lead generation campaigns, lead quality analysis and lead potential scoring, thereby optimizing the lead process and helping companies lower their acquisition cost  by providing higher quality leads with better life-time-value metrics.

Tools for marketeers
Predictivebid gives marketers the tools to achieve fast growth by optimizing keyword bidding. It is a plug and play service using machine-learning and artificial intelligence that gets better over time. Clever algorithms focus on hundreds of thousands of keywords taking into account hourly changes of user behavior, keyword competitiveness, weather, competitor behavior, trends etc. Predictivebid is a real time bidder that automatically optimizes bids for cross-channel digital campaigns using advanced machine-learning algorithms.  The tool frees up valuable time for the marketing team and substantially improves conversion results. Predictivebid’s is an “always on” bid optimization service. It utilizes campaign bids 24/7 and enable marketers achieve rapid scale in their Adwords, Bing and Facebook campaigns. With over 3 million Campaign adjustments per day, Predictivbid’s platform has already revolutionized marketing abilities for companies like:, Walkme and  JamesAllen.

Predictivebid’s vision of improving ad campaigns is like the difference between driving by GPS instructions and driving automatically by auto pilot system. Predictivebid lets the system navigate the online advertising ship to better destinations. It does that with artificial intelligence (AI) optimization. AI gives the system the ability to analyze millions of data points, and predict how the market will behave. Therefore, it’s able to know which particular item will yield better results, determine the optimal bid every time, and enable companies to easily and quickly scale results. The result are impressive: Clients who use PredictiveBid: optimize over $40,000,000, make more than1,000,000,000 bid changes and generate 30% more conversions.

Insurance spends the most on Google ads
Since the founding in 2016 Predictivebid has built relationships and pilots with some of Europe largest Insurers. Insurance is one of the top 3 industries that spend the most on Google ads –over $4B annually. For example, Geico spends more on advertising than McDonalds, Nike or Coca-Cola. Insurance is also the most expensive key-word in Google’s AdWord. Advertisers using Predictivebid get more valuable customers at a lower cost per customer, improving cost savings and allowing to scale distribution.

Predictivebid offers specialized solutions for Insurance companies:

  • Online direct insurers: a unique bidding platform for insurance companies who advertise on search campaigns such as Google Adwords and Bing. The AI technology helps to reduce the costs per acquired costumer, while generating higher quality opportunities. The Predictivebid platform integrates through Google API access and CRM systems to place the right bid at the right time for every keyword and impression.The system works 24/7 to make sure to never miss an opportunity.
  • Agents based Insurers: PredictiveBid bridges the gap between online and offline, helping insurers capture consumers online and then directing them to book a meeting with their nearest and most relevant agents. The AI platform connects and tracks potential customers to the right agent nearest to them, based on their location and needs. A costumer can schedule a meeting with an agent, chat with an agent or even send his details so the agent can call him back.

Why we selected PredictiveBid for DIA Amsterdam
By leveraging technology throughout the value chain, insurers will be able to exchange data and engage with the digital consumer, optimize distribution, and achieve superior cost efficiency. We believe that insurers need to take this step in order to remain competitive.

At DIA Amsterdam PredictiveBid will show & tell their special solutions for the insurance industry.

Who are PredictiveBid?
Since funding in early in 2016, the company has grown rapidly, as the client base continue to grow with some of the leading companies in the US, including: and WalkMe. With just these accounts alone, they have optimized over 40M Euros of yearly budget. Predictivebid will be GDPR compliant by end of 2017. The majority of the company’s staff comprises of AI-developers and data scientists from Israel. PredictiveBid is founded by Lior Tasman, CEO and Liel Villo(CTO).

Lior Tasman, CEO Predictivebid second from left

“When we expanded the account with Predictivebid, it helped us increase efficiency by 30% and it helped the revenue increase dramatically”. Ilya Glezer, performance marketing director at Walk.


Presenter: Lior Tasman

Contact Info: Lior Tasman
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +972.52.553.4226

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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