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Pypestream: the future call-center is here!

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 3, 2017

Pypestream is a fully-fledged technology company that provides enterprise businesses with secure and scalable messaging solutions. The company’s Customer Engagement Solution enables businesses to connect with customers using the power of Smart Messaging, driving satisfaction and loyalty. The patented, secure and compliant platform combines pragmatic AI and chatbots to enable transactions through the messaging channel. The Pypestream solution encompasses the consumer-facing mobile app, Smart Messaging Platform, agent console, supervisor dashboard, analytics and reporting, and web chat widget. Pypestream also integrates with existing contact center platforms, customer mobile apps, and third-party messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. All this is augmented with Pypestream’s Customer Experience team to ensure best practices in messaging and end-user onboarding.

This is dones, through the Pypestream app, where businesses can create their own accounts with a variety of different “pypes” to handle different types of communication.

Pragmatic AI is the key
With the rapid adoption of messaging and artificial intelligence hitting the mainstream, it is ‘go’ time for enterprises to modernize and meet their customers where they want to be met: in mobile chat. Remember what email did to the fax machine? It won’t take long for email to meet a similar plight with messaging usurping its pole position in B2C communications.

In 2016, we saw the rise of chatbots. But the hype quickly turned to a sad reality as many bots failed to deliver on their promise. Consumers don’t want to ‘chat’ with brands and have relatively meaningless ‘conversations’. Now pragmatic AI is winning the day. Pragmatic AI is the key to enterprise transformation in 2017 and beyond. It is the idea that machines can interact with humans through messaging conversations to resolve an issue quickly, efficiently and securely. Consumers are busy people. When they need something from a business, they want it immediately. Pragmatic AI doesn’t put you on hold, it doesn’t give you the wrong answer and it is always available – 24/7/365.

Advantages for insurers
Pypestream helps Insurance companies to digitally transform and automate customer engagement processes in the areas of: Marketing and Distribution, Underwriting, In-force Customer Service, Claim Management, Quote and Bind, Policy Administration, Billing and Internal Corporate Functions. The usage of pragmatic AI, chatbots and secured messaging platform augmented with the customer experience team makes this transformation faster and easier. Pypestream solution drives customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing operational costs.

Businesses use Pypestream for customer service, marketing, billing, and internal processes. Industry verticals served include Insurance, healthcare, finance, utilities, telecom, government, and others. Customers and partners include EY, Microsoft, Insurance Thought-Leadership, Solera, Expivia Interaction Marketing Group, and Discovery Health.

Why we selected Pypestream for DIA Munich
With a strategic and carefully planned approach to bots and automation Pypestream helps Insurance companies to digitally transform and automate customer engagement processes. The results can transform any enterprise, driving up NPS and dramatically reducing costs. With Pypestream enterprises, can launch their own thorough and ROI-driven automation strategies to connect with consumers in new and engaging ways.

At DIA Munich they will demonstrate their solution by using mobile phone and a desktop. They will showcase a real example of First Notice Of Loss (FNOL).

Who is Pypestream?
The company was founded by Richard Smullen in April 2015 after a frustrating experience with an airline’s customer service department. Since then, Pypestream has grown rapidly and evolved into a fully-fledged technology company that provides enterprise businesses with secure and scalable messaging solutions.

In 2017 the startup announced it has raised $15 million in Series A funding. Pypestream previously raised $2 million in seed funding. The Series A was led by Rick Braddock, former CEO of Priceline and former COO of Citibank, with participation from The Chatterjee Group. 

Richard Smullen, CEO. 


Presenter: Richard Smullen

Contact info: Zvi Moshkoviz
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