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Qiy Foundation: Trusted exchange of validated data

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 15, 2016

Qiy offers an infrastructure that connects people to their data -global, cross sector and cross industry- at sources like government, and businesses and let them share this actual and validated data with people and organisations they trust. Trusted organisations can subscribe to the actual data of an individual and use it on an active consent basis. On top of the connections, privacy-friendly and safe applications can be used to help people get control, overview and insight into their lives. For the insurance industry this solves many problems in the field of data collection, data quality, digital identity and the demands of the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation. It solves another issue as well: being able to connect to customers in this way deepens the relationship, from just offering a deal to building a long lasting relationship build on trust.

Peer-to-peer infrastructure
The complete ecosystem is built on three robust layers. The Qiy Scheme contains rules, regulations and protocols on how to treat interoperable personal data and privacy. The second layer is the infrastructure on top of the Qiy Scheme that gives individuals access to their personal data and allows them to exchange this data with relying parties. It is based on a secure structure of nodes and peer-to-peer connections under direct control of the actors in the network: people and organisations owning the nodes. The third layer is the application layer that uses the Qiy based infrastructure. Apps help managing, sharing or interpreting personal data of the individual while respecting privacy and security by adhering to the rules of the Qiy Scheme. The Qiy ecosystem opens a world of possibilities for insurance companies. Implementations based on the Qiy Scheme save costs because authenticated and validated data are available in their crucial administrative processes. It makes it possible to re-invent products and services and to develop new services based on the Qiy Scheme: an offer now can be based on actual information, directly coming from trusted sources made available by the potential customer. The customer can automatically update CRM systems, turning CRM into CMR: customer managed relations. And last but not least, insurance products can be tuned on the day-to-day personal situation of the customer.

Why we selected Qiy Foundation for DIA Barcelona

We selected Qiy Foundation to show and tell at DIA Barcelona because regaining trust is crucial in the insurance industry. It is only when consumers can ‘trust’ that their data are well protected and not misused that they will continue to trust the insurance industry. Reliable, consistently applied rules like the ones of Qiy Foundation make data processing safer, cheaper and inspire users’ confidence. Confidence in turn drives growth. Qiy Foundation’s ecosystem proves that new paradigms are not always a threat to existing solutions, but instead can bring them to a whole new level.

Who is Qiy Foundation
The founder and Executive Director of the Qiy Foundation is Marcel van Galen. He created and sold several companies in communications and IT before starting the development of Qiy with his team. In 2011 Qiy received the European Identity and Privacy Award in Munich and the Accenture Innovation Award. In 2012 Van Galen received a Timmie as Dutch Innovation Manager of the Year. In 2015 the first operator of the Qiy infrastructure was launched. A few months later followed by Dappre, a smart and secure App letting people and organisations subscribe to each other’s data. “The economy is increasingly dependent on confidence in the digital world. The question arises whether there can be trust without digital self-determination. That’s why we are dedicated to put people back in control of their personal data while creating value for organisations.” Marcel van Galen, Founder and Executive Director Qiy Foundation


Presenting at DIA Barcelona Marcel van Galen, Founder & CEO

Contact info Business Development/Sales: Marcel van Galen, Founder & CEO, +31 4116 165 65, [email protected]

Press/Media: Maarten Louman, CMO, +31 4116 165 65, [email protected]


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