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Qollabi: build lasting business relationships all in one place

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 28, 2021

The last ten years, most insurance companies have mainly been focusing on digitizing end customer processes. Think about the implementation of CRM, BI, marketing technology, online price calculators and so fort. Somehow one of the most critical business processes for many insurers was neglected: the indirect sales channel. And not only the traditional channels like brokers, agents and branches, but also the broader ecosystem of other strategic business partnerships.

Qollabi is a business relationship management platform which supports insurers to collaborate digitally with their ecosystem of brokers, branches, agents and partners with at the centre of their collaboration, their joint business. Qollabi is unique in its focus on the business planning process, while connecting with CRM and other data sources. They’re on a mission to help insurers further leverage one of the biggest levers for growth and efficiencies; their indirect sales channel.  

When it comes to managing business partners, collaboration today is still done in the old fashioned way with a lack of accountability and commitment as a result. Qollabi identifies three problems:

  • Commercial teams make business plans in static and presentations, spreadsheets and other decentralized documents.
  • Commercial teams often don’t include the partner or partner data in the business planning process.
  • Data is scattered in different systems and files.

Companies come to Qollabi to digitize business plans and to make them work. That’s why they developed Qollabi Business Relationship Management software (BRM), to help companies grow their channel sales through increased commitment. Qollabi’s mission is to redefine the world of partner collaboration.

How it works
The Qollabi Business Relationship Management software contains three building blocks, which are planning, collaborate and measure.

1. Planning: helps you to create templates with a toolbox of objectives and activities per partnergroup. Here, Qollabi serves as a guide for the overall business plan on one, centralized place. The platform includes a catalogue of initiatives and activities that supports a companies’ business plan. Behind that, there is a detailed planning of activities with various options on KPI’s.

2. Collaborate: focusses on the relationship with the individual; it gives immediate insight in the status of the most important objectives. In this section, you can tailor partner plans to allocate the right plan according to a specific context.
For example, you can get an assessment from each plan, which gives a clear view of the strategy that translates into a well-defined activities the optimize a partnership. The business plan set in motion can be modified and updated easily, because mutual commitment and real accountability lead to a dynamic business plan.

3. Measure: mainly there for the management, because it gives the opportunity to coach on objective and key results. It also allows the whole team to hold an aggregated overview on KPI’s and to lead meaningful conversations during 1-on-1’s. Through this section you can learn which initiatives work, and which don’t.

On top of that, the platform has an open API and data upload module. Data that is already available in existing systems can be easily uploaded to make sure you don’t need to enter data twice.

Who is Qollabi?
Qollabi is a software start-up for large local and international businesses based in Brussels, Belgium, co-founded in 2018 by CEO Frie Pétré. At DIA Prime Time, Frie Pétré presented BRM together with Jan Scheepers, Director of Life Operation at Baloise Insurance Beglium, who explained his vision on partner and broker management and how Qollabi helps them to bring this vision into practice.

Customers of Qollabi declare to gain between 10 and 15% in efficiency & productivity and an increased level of accountability and partner commitment. Insurance companies like Baloise, VV, P&V and Allianz are just a few names of Qollabi’s clients.

Check out their DIA Prime Time video here: 

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