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RealCampaign: The world’s most user friendly digital omni-channel and 360° customer view campaign management solution

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 15, 2016

Campaign management solutions are way too complex. As a result you spend more time on technical stuff than on creatively building your customer communication and marketing models. So, Tripolis Solutions designed and built a whole new experience: RealCampaign Drag & Drop Campaign Management. With RealCampaign you invest in customer communication and marketing, not in learning a tool. In the world of Communication and Marketing Automation today, there’s a major problem across the board: it’s just too complicated. Getting your first campaign out takes ages and is really expensive. It’s like you need to do a MBA just to understand how the software works. That’s outdated, right? Work should be effective and efficient, so Tripolis, the leading campaign management provider, designed an amazingly simple-to-use drag and drop SAAS campaign management platform: RealCampaign. With this platform you can finally manage all your customer communication and marketing via social media, email marketing, mobile marketing and big data from one single dashboard. RealCampaign is enabling a hyper personalised, omni-channel and fully automated communication and marketing solution for insurance company, making use of all information available within your company. The visual campaign manager allows users to turn even the most complex campaign into a simple flowchart. Companies like Rakuten an Acceptmail, both present at DIA Barcelona, are already using this communication platform.

Why we selected RealCampaign for DIA Barcelona
We selected Tripolis Solution to ‘show and tell’ how RealCampaign will help insurance companies to solve their everlasting problem of personalised, fit for purpose, communication and marketing in the simplest way available. In particular since, due to complexity and fragmentation, it is almost impossible for insurance companies to create a 360 customer view. Obviously this results in less waste and improved marketing ROI.

Who is RealCampaign
RealCampaign is a new product line brought to market by Tripolis Solutions. Tripolis Solutions, founded in 1999, is one of the first European email service providers (ESP) which develops solutions in the area of email marketing software and delivery. Tripolis serves a wide range of customers such as national and international banks and insurance companies. The management team at Tripolis Solutions is comprised of experienced serial entrepreneurs who have proven their worth in a variety of multi-national companies in the areas of Fintech and Adtech. CEO Sebastian Kuntz has, under his leadership grown companies to become leading suppliers in Financial Crime Solutions and KYC Solutions for Financial Institutions and the Telecom industry. The Founder Kees Zegers set-up multiple successful companies in the marketing field, amongst others the well-known Dutch news-site Joost Nienhuis, responsible for the development, implementation and delivery of the RealCampaign product line has a solid Microsoft background, successfully setting up in new Microsoft product lines throughout EMEA. Bart van Dijk, director for Tripolis España, started up several companies and has more than 20 years of experience in customer solutions and is considered a strategist especially for the fintech/insurtech industry. “RealCampaign provides insurance companies with a 360° profile of their customers and allows them to easily optimize communication across channels. Basically, we help companies be thoughtful, relevant, personal, exciting and surprising for their customers. Every single day.” Sebastian Kuntz, CEO Tripolis Solutions

Presenting at DIA Barcelona Sebastian Kuntz, Director Tripolis International

Contact info Bart van Dijk, Country Director Spain, +34 609 103 182, [email protected]


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