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reFit Systems: digitizing therapy processes

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 13, 2019

reFit Systems developed reFit Gamo, the first digital therapy system for individual rehabilitation for patients with movement disorders. Their system combines motion-controlled video games with software technology that enables digital therapy monitoring, biofeedback, and automated medical analysis.

reFit Gamo integrates multiple modules e.g. balance and coordination, hand therapy etc which together create a new approach for clinics and patients. By providing challenging games, the reFit platform increases patients’ motivation for further exercising and engagement in their own treatment process. This in turn, improves patients’ therapy adherence and leads to much better therapy outcomes. At the same time, reFit Gamo provides doctors and therapists with smart tools to constantly monitor and evaluate patients. The refit system enables an individualized therapy tailored to the specific needs of individual patient for inpatient, outpatient, and home therapy.


reFit Gamo unlocks the power of data analysis and gamification for a wide range of healthcare applications, such as:

  • B2B: clinics, integrated social pediatric centers, physiotherapy practices, rehabilitations centers and insurance companies
  • B2C: individual patients

​reFit Systems provides a working prototype with several games and assessments that are already able to capture and evaluate the different movements of the patient. reFit Systems has already developed strong partnerships with leading clinics for children and youth rehabilitation in Germany and Switzerland, such as Uniklinikum Köln, Kinderspital Zürich and is in advanced discussion with other clinics willingly to test the platform.

reFit Gamo benefits for insurances

  • improves & shortens healing process. Through shorter and better therapy, customers can be re-integrated back into school and work earlier
  • saves follow-up costs. reFit Gamo saves possible follow-up costs of further therapy hours and more expensive operations after a claim
  • strengthens customer loyalty. With reFit Gamo insurances offer their customers real added value and personally bind them closer. This creates trust and unique selling points
  • generates reliable data. By using reFit Gamo, the customer generates valuable data, which provide evidence about the course of therapy and fitness. This information can potentially be used for:
    • prevention & early warning of deteriorating health status
    • securing the contractual obligations of the customer
    • data evaluation for future pricing and underwriting

Highly advanced medical analysis and 50% cheaper
reFit Systems is the only competitor specialized in medical rehabilitation that provides highly advanced medical analysis and that is approx. 50% cheaper than other solutions. reFit Gamo is the first solution that maximizes patient’s therapy engagement and treatment intensity while enabling therapists to monitor and evalaute patients’ progress and performance anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the academic research already carried out in doctoral and master theses, and partnerships with leading clinics, the team has a know-how advantage which is enhanced by the data gained when using the system. 

How it works
Currently, patients do manual exercises in clinics with professional therapists and/or alone at their homes. There are no digital performance tools available so that therapists and patients can be sure whether exercises are done regular and correctly. Therapists evaluate patients and their progress just “by eye”. Testing of motor performance is done analogue only once at time (no constant performance monitoring). Reports and analysis are subjective, there is a lack of precise performance data. Therapy processes are not tailored to individual needs of patients.  With this solution, they make patients much more motivated to exercise in clinics and at home, while providing doctors and therapists with digital tools to evaluate their patients and allow them to focus on the optimal treatment for their patients.

Therapist assigns a specific therapy program to an individual patient using reFit Gamo’s Control Center app. Using it, the therapist can select a patient from the database that is specific to the clinic. Therapist selects the region of the body that needs to be trained, which can be upper or lower extremity or trunk, then the type of movement. After those selection, therapist is given a choice of different types of specially designed video games, assessments or exercises that can be added to the therapy program. All those activities can be done by the therapist via the control center either in the clinic or when the patient is already at home.

Why we selected reFit Systems for DIA Munich
reFit Gamo is the first digital therapy platform for children and youth with movement disorders. By providing challenging games scenarios, the platform maximizes patient’s engagement in their own treatment and motivates them for more regular exercising in clinics and at home. reFit Gamo provides therapists with smart tools to monitor and evaluate patients and allow them to focus on the optimal treatment for their patients.

During the DIA Munich, the 2 co-founders Dr. Alejandro Mendoza Garcia and Valentin Koller will present a demo of their innovative rehabilitation platform reFit Gamo. It will be a great opportunity to see closely how the platform and its particular features like games and the control center app for therapists, work.

Check out their live demo here:

Who is reFit Systems?
reFit Systems GmbH is Munich-based company, specialized in providing digital health solutions with focus on gamificantion of rehabilitation processes. The startup was founded in 2018 by Dr. Alejandro Mendoza and Valentin Koller.

The idea of creating a digital rehabilitation platform arose when Dr. Alejandro Mendoza worked as a research fellow at the German Heart Center and the Department of “Robotics and Embedded Systems” at the Faculty of Computer Science at the TUM. During that time, he was developing an interactive rehabilitation system for children with heart diseases and supervised Valentin Koller’s master thesis on computer-assisted biofeedback system for individual rehabilitation. Both, witnessing current challenges of therapy processes, and recognizing the potential of gamification in the rehabilitation, decided to work together on an innovative solution that would keep up patients’ motivation for regular exercising and would provide therapists with digital tools for more effective and efficient rehabilitation.

Key partners: UniReha – Zentrum für Prävention und Rehabilitation der Uniklinik Köln, Schön Klinik Vogtareuth bei München, Universitäts-Kinderspital Zürich, Integrated Social Pediatric Center in Children’s Hospital of the University of Munich (iSPZ Hauner), Technical University Munich (TUM), Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Regional Development and Energy, InsurLab Cologne, InsurTech Hub Munich, Medical Valley.

”At reFit Systems, we want to shape the future of healthcare by digitizing therapy processes and bringing rehabilitation to the next level. We want to make patients motivated to exercise, provide doctors and therapists smart tools to evaluate patients and allow them to focus on the optimal treatment for their patients”. Dr. Alejandro Mendoza – Co-founder.

Dr. Alejandro Mendoza Garcia (Co-founder)
Valentin Koller (Co-founder)
Hillary Tong (Software Development)
Yann Girard (Business Development)
Aleksandra Patz (Marketing)
Thahn-An Le (Game Development)
Soubarna Banik (Tracking Algorithms)
Mohammad Bagheri (Game Development)
Negar Namdarian (Game Development)

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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