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Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 20, 2017 is an enterprise level bot building and management platform that makes business to consumer communication manageable and efficient through messaging. For companies, it is vital to maintain one-to-one communication with their customers, but call-centers are expensive and hard to scale and even more importantly people’s preferences have changed. 75% of the world is now messaging. Messaging is globally the preferred communication method. That is where bots and come in. Bots are software that automate actions, services and access information via messaging. In this messaging age bots are essential to meeting customer expectations. offers an end to end solution that provides an evergreen technology layer to build, manage and optimize bots that scale 1:1 communications.

The New York based startup facilitates business to consumer communication at scale, allowing businesses to optimize and grow conversations with their customers across channels, markets, and languages, all while maintaining the highest security standards. Empowering customer support, lead generation, and inside sales needs via messaging channels. is currently powering conversations for brands all over the world across all industries. For example: Lifenet, Prudential, Nike, Starbucks, Hewlett Packard, Unilever, Ryanair, Kia, Hilton, Unilever and many more.

Advantages for insurers:
The platform enables insurance companies to optimize their business practices in a variety of ways:

  • Bots reduce high touch, low value interactions, automating up to 60% of inquiries. All within Messaging channels such as Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE or Live Chat on Web.
  • Bots increase revenue by reducing friction from the consumer journey and increasing the flow of leads. is doing this for Lifenet, in combination with automated Customer Support.
  • Bots improve the user experience by enabling companies to reach their consumers how and where they want. Every company in few years will need a conversation strategy around all messaging channels.

3x return on conversion rate:
Prudential and Lifenet use the technology to capture new leads with much higher completion rates than traditional channels and automate part of the customer support reducing the cost of the call center. LifeNet knew that Millennials make purchase decisions differently than other groups. They do not make decisions on the spot based on persuasive sales people. They prefer to gather information that’s personal, on their own terms in a self-serve environment, without sales person pressure. Then, once they’ve had a chance to review the information and if they believe it is the right fit, they will proactively return, a now fully qualified lead. Thanks to the Bots, LifeNet could enact exactly this system, and saw a 3X return on conversion rate.

Unconventional view in the bot scene
In opinion bots should act like bots and humans should act like humans. So, if a bot can’t provide a service, proprietary takeover tool integrates into any customer service engine, without having to change the interface that a live agent already uses.
It’s proven to strengthen the relationship and improve the customer experience.

How does it work?
Getting started is a 3-step process;

  • Building: with the motto – think big, act small. One size doesn’t fit all so they provide a code-free visual bot building environment. Just building a bot with a drag and drop interface. Starting with the most frequently asked questions and truly capturing the brand voice and values.
  • Managing: with a lot of advanced features like campaign management, Artificial Intelligence, localization capabilities, multi-channel deployment (including voice), API to CRM and so on.
  • Optimizing: analytics, testing and reporting tools. So, the bot is constantly learning and improving based on user feedback and interaction. And there is the takeover tool. So if a bot can’t provide a service, the proprietary takeover tool integrates into any customer service engine, without having to change the interface that a live agent already uses. Because you’re never just building a bot, but launching a Conversation Strategy.

Why we selected for DIA Amsterdam
Messaging is the preferred communication method, especially for the Millennials. The use of bots can improve the customer experience in many ways. offers an end-to-end solution to build, manage and optimize bots that scale 1:1 conversations. At DIA Amsterdam will show and tell about insurance sales funnel optimization, case studies, and ROI of bots followed by an inspiring demo of the platform.

Who are
The company is founded in 2016 by Pablo Pera (COO), Clara de Soto, Omar Pera Mira (CEO) and Erica Mannherz. It is an alumni of the R/GA Connected Commerce Accelerator at SF, and has received $1.4M in seed funding from strategic investor, BPO Transcosmos.
Omar Pera Mira, CEO and Co-founder is named in the Top 100 people to watch in the chatbot space. Clara de Soto was named one of The Next Web’s 100 Tech & Business Women and Speakers and writer of

Omar Pera Mira (CEO)                                    Clara de Soto


Presenter: Clara de Soto

Contact Info: Clara de Soto
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Amsterdam 12-13 June


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