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RGI & Domethics: a multi-business offering starting from IoT

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Aug 27, 2019

RGI is the EMEA leader and digital influencer of the insurance market, providing core systems to Insurers. Domethics is an innovative start-up that develops IoT product and services. RGI and Domethics have become partners to jointly develop a multi-business offering leveraging on IoT opportunities.

RGI and Dometichs’ solution is designed to be the entry point to the Insurance marketplace. It allows the Insurer to successfully partner with other service providers in the ecosystem, to address business agility and customer centricity with real-time, intuitive digital experiences.

The solution is backed by RGI’s policy administration system, PASS_Insurance, that combines all insurance core processes and lines of business on a cost effective, flexible underwriting and distribution platform. Powered by an advanced service-oriented architecture and best-in-class configuration capabilities, PASS_Insurance sets the standard for adaptability, reliability and speed to market, empowering insurance staff to achieve superior business results with a faster and enhanced experience.

Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman, has awarded RGI, with the XCelent Customer Base award for its PASS_Insurance platform, recognizing the customer density in Southern Europe in the report “Europe Middle East, and Africa Policy Administration System 2018 – Personal, Commercial, and Specialty ABCD Vendor view” (July 2018).

Insurance as a multi-needs service
The solution takes advantage of the power of smart devices to shift the old idea of “insurance as a tax” into “insurance as a multi-needs service”. The solution is able to transforms an extraordinary event into an ordinary activity.

How it works

Why we selected RGI for DIA Amsterdam
RGI has demonstrated an ability to modernize technology, to be extremely relevant in a digital insurance world, and now to grow in EMEA. At DIA Amsterdam Elena Pistone, Corporate Staff Director and Paola Bruna, Corporate Marketing & External Relations Manager demonstrated The new Customer Journey focused exclusively on highly health services. Customers benefit from personalized and tailored products and services because the Customer Journey has become an activity of few seconds.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is RGI?
RGI is an independent software vendor with a team of 900 professionals in Italy, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Dach and Nord Afric Area, that have a proven record of more than 100 Insurers and 300 brokers accross the EMEA region.

RGI is leader in EMEA in the design, development and delivery of core systems to Insurers. RGI is the digital influencer of the insurance market, providing a comprehensive and modular offering to address all core insurance processes. They strongly believe that innovation requires not only technological improvement, but it is also necessary to boost cooperation, share groundbreaking ideas to come up with something that is even more innovative.

Domethics is an innovative start-up based in Turin that develops IoT product and services since 2010. They work in the Insurance, Utility and Telco industries for the European market and for Russia. They support companies to understand and deal with the Internet of Things market and to achieve their digital goals. They suggest new strategies and help customers to develop projects and expand their market, generating new revenue streams and creating new business models.

“We deliver solutions and services to help Insurers achieve operational efficiency, harness the power of digital and meet regulatory standards. We bring expertise and a focus on innovation to a global community of Insurers.” Elena Pistone, Corporate Staff Director RGI.       


Elena Pistone, Corporate Staff Director                 Paola Bruna,Corporate Marketing & External Relations Manager

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