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Roundcube Profiler: Quickly, easily and accurately determine business claims risks

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 18, 2016

Roundcube Profiler is part of the Roundcube Suite of products and is a unique, stand-alone instrument that allows insurance companies to quickly, easily and accurately determine business claims risks. Roundcube Profiler has been developed for the commercial insurance market in conjunction with Marsh and safeguards and improves the quality of acceptance. This automated risk assessment tool delivers greater efficiency, substantial cost savings and a faster and superior service.

Optimize the acceptance process
or many insurers the process from mapping the risks to the acceptance of companies is time-consuming. This is because insurers still conduct most risk analyses manually. This conventional approach results in a longer turnaround time and higher initial costs. Also, the number of required human actions within this process leads to a higher error probability, which means that the premium and conditions are not always optimally geared to the client’s risk.

Efficiency leads to cost savings
Roundcube Profiler automatically generates fast and accurate risk analyses. This results in a significant reduction in the number of required human actions and reduces error probability to almost zero. The result: a more efficient acceptance process and significant cost savings.

Service and speed
Risk analyses are performed directly, in real-time and online. Roundcube Profiler immediately shows the risk assessment in relation to the best insurance solution, allowing insurers to quickly respond to their clients’ needs. The turnaround time between inventory and acceptance is significantly reduced, which has a positive effect on service and efficiency.

Optimal balance between risk and acceptance
By comparing potential client’s risk profile against the benchmark insurers can improve and safeguard the quality of the acceptance, which allows them to adjust the premium and conditions to the risk. This enables them to make their client the right offer against a realistic premium.

A better grip on the results
It is essential that insurers are able to maintain a firm grip on their claims risk and loss reserve. Roundcube Profiler improves the quality of the acceptance, and increases the efficiency of the acceptance process within an insurer’s portfolio, resulting in a better grip on operating results.

Why we selected Roundcube Profiler for DIA Barcelona
Risk selection is crucial for an insurer’s success. Especially when it comes to commercial risk, where there is much less homogeneity, risks are larger, and policy sizes vary widely. The stakes are high and mistakes can have enormous financial consequences. Yet underwriting success too often depends on human expertise and experience. Roundcube Profiler is transforming the acceptance process for commercial insurance. Being able to perform risk analyses online and in real-time will greatly improve the efficiency and speed of the commercial underwriting process, allowing insurers to set a new service standard. Also, the solid benchmark will take the ‘guesswork’ out of the process and allow for a better grip on results. Roundcube Profiler changes the acceptance process for commercial risks from manually, lengthy, and error-prone to online, real-time, and completely automatically.

Who is Roundcube
Roundcube is a leading Property and Casualty insurance software provider that applies its accumulated extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise to help insurers empower their business. The company brings a culture of grounded Dutch innovation to the insurance industry, drawing on 30 years of experience in supporting many of the world’s leading insurers – such as Generali, Allianz, and Amlin. Roundcube’s CEO, Pieter-Paul van Beek, has 20+ years’ experience in insurance and fintech companies and believes  strongly in helping insurance organizations create a ‘new business as usual’ which includes digitization of every stage of the business.

“The future is now. Failure to recognize that business as usual now includes digitization of every stage of the business will soon begin to negatively impact insurers’ bottom line. But opportunity is knocking: together we can create a flexible, nimble insurance organization that delivers an easy, consistent experience through any channel. An organization that can compete in today’s and tomorrow’s demanding insurance landscape.”

Pieter-Paul van Beek, CEO Roundcube

Presenting at DIA Barcelona
Luigi van Geest, EVP International Partnerships
Jan van der Struik, CCO

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