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Safera: Eliminating one third of all household fires

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 16, 2019

Safera is a pioneer in preventive fire safety. With their intelligent stove guard, they can practically eliminate cooking fires that are the No. 1 reason of home fires, causing one third of all household fires. Their mission is to ensure that no more lives will be lost to cooking fires. They also want to make sure that people of all ages can enjoy safe cooking at all points of their life. Safera senses hazards that people can’t.

A stove guard is a product that has revolutionized the thinking in the fire safety industry. It is a device that can actively prevent fires, unlike traditional fire safety products, which only react to heat or smoke.  A stove guard is a solution tested and proven in real life. They are widely used especially in the Nordic countries: in Norway stove guards are even mandatory in all new dwellings.

In 2016, FEMA recorded a total of 364,300 house fires. Of those, over half were caused by cooking. Thanks to numbers like that, cooking has steadily been the number one cause of house fires around the world.


A forerunner in stove guard technology
Safera has always been a forerunner in stove guard technology. Developing a stove guard for every home has been a very challenging task, because a stove guard needs to fulfill 2 conflicting needs: it must effectively prevent cooking fires but at the same time it must allow peoples’ varying cooking habits, from slow simmering to harsh frying. Others it won’t be accepted by the end users.

Safera has been an active member in standardization committees. In 2015 Cenelec published a product standard for stove guards, the EN50615. IEC is also considering adding a mention about stove guards in the standard covering electrical installations.

In September 2019 Safera has introduced a new product, the Safera Sense. It is not only a stove guard, but can also assist a person in cooking, and monitor the indoor air quality. Sense is also a Smart Home device, that can communicate with building automation system. This enables remote alarms and hazard statistics collection.

How does it work?

A Safera stove guard consist of two parts. A battery-operated sensor unit is installed on a wall above the cooker or underside of an extractor hood. A power control unit is connected to the power supply of the stove. The two units communicate wirelessly. A Safera stove guard operates discreetly: it monitors the cooker with its intelligent sensor system, thanks to which Safera quickly stops any hazardous situations without interfering with everyday cooking. An alarm can be acknowledged by pushing a button.

Why we selected Safera for DIA Munich
Home fires can be devastating, resulting in expenses, emotional burden, and death in some cases. There are a lot of ways to prevent these from happening, and one company that’s trying to do just that is Safera.

At DIA Munich Sampo Rantakokko, sales director and co-founder and Mikko Reinikainen, CEO and co-founder demonstrated the Safera stove quard and the Safera Sense.

Check out their live demo here:

Who is Safera?
Safera was founded in 2007 in Finnland and today they have 20 employees and 5,6 MEur in turnover. Their products are distributed in the Northern and Central European countries, the most important market being Norway, because of the regulation. Outside of Norway customers are institutional property owners like student villages, pensions funds and care homes.

“Our mission is to ensure that no more lives will be lost to cooking fires. We also want to make sure that people of all ages can enjoy safe cooking at all points of their life.” Mikko Reinikainen, CEO and co-founder

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