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SaleMove; Bringing life to the digital experience

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 24, 2017

New York based SaleMove Inc., is a leading developer of enterprise online communication solutions, called OmniBrowse. A technology that enables online retailers, insurers and financials to interact with their customers through voice, video, and collaborative browsing. OmniBrowse represents a major step forward for the way companies can support their customers. By adding visual context for a company’s agents, OmniBrowse users deliver a much more personalized sales or support experience. In fact, companies achieve a 20% increase in first call resolution, in addition to a 25% reduction in customer interaction time. On top of those results, customer satisfaction increases by upwards of 15%. SaleMove brings the “consultative sale” to online commerce.

To provide the visibility and rich insight crucial to improving the customer experience, OmniBrowse brings live observation and dual-cursor CoBrowsing functionality into the same CRM-systems companies are already utilizing to service their customers. Implementation of OmniBrowse is simple, requiring only a few lines of code or, in the case of, adding the native OmniBrowse app available in the Salesforce App Exchange. This allows companies to leverage visual context and marry inbound sales and support calls with their corresponding website browsing sessions.

SaleMove tailored their product to convert customers in three key verticals; car-industry, ecommerce and financial services. They work with the some of the largest financial institutions and retailers in the world like TransAmerica, Mapfre, Guardian, Lexus, Baublebar and many more.

No more “how can I help you?”
SaleMove allows companies to exceed the ‘in-person’ customer experience online. With over 50% of inbound customer calls originating from a website, OmniBrowse finally allows companies to see what their callers are seeing. This allows companies to move away from ‘How may I help you’ since they can see what the core issue is as soon as they answer the call. So they can start with: Can I guide you through? Starting the conversation 10 steps ahead with rich context.

Breathing life into the customer journey
To serve the financial industry SaleMove added security as a key part of its culture. To the top of the pipeline went encryption and auditing tools, as well as capabilities to store, export and safely remove data. A lot of stages of the customer journey are complex. But when SaleMove breathes life in these touchpoints the results are remarkable.

  • Customer Acquisition:

For example, there is a potential insurance customer in London who is applying for a car insurance. He makes some selections on the website that indicate he is a highly valuable customer. SaleMove detects the selections and presents the message: “Justin is specialized in car insurance in the London area and is happy to help you”. The customer responds; okay and Justin continues with the message: “I see you are a home-owner so you should be eligible for a great premium. Would you like to continue together?” Justin then offers CoBrowsing.  The CoBrowsing is only for the website, not the customer’s computer and all the customer has to do is to accept. No downloads or installments. It’s easy and seamless to get this interaction. As soon as the customer accepts Justin can come in with the cursor and guide the customer through the whole quote process. Justin can also come in and ask the customer “Would you mind if we spoke? This is easier for the rest of the application.” Then Justin can offer a video-chat. Works just as easy and the customer can choose to shut of the camera or stick to the chat. The result? Insurers using SaleMove have seen the amount of applications processed have risen by up to 150%.

  • Customer Servicing:

For example, a customer who wants to check out his portfolio. SaleMove enables companies to work with the hybrid RoboAdvisor. SaleMove not only knows who the customer is but presents a message based on the specific customer allocations. Like: “Hi Dan, we have great opportunities to adjust your risk profile. Call this number to discuss your options.”

SaleMove provides a unique phone number, Omni-call, which the customer can call to discuss options. When Dan calls, the employee knows immediately who Dan is and that he wants to discuss opportunities to adjust his risk profile. The employee sends a CoBrowsing offer to show the options. After Dan accepts, the employee can instantly guide Dan through the application. They are directly on the same page. No identification required or transferring to other departments. In general, solving an issue will take only 5 minutes instead of 45.

SaleMove is very easy to use for customers but also for the businesses who use it. After log-in they can see real-time what the customer is doing on the website and they can pro-actively respond by offering CoBrowsing. Talk about a whole new customer experience!

Why we selected SaleMove for DIA Amsterdam
OmniBrowse represents a major step forward for the way that companies can support their customers. SaleMove enables companies to identify their website visitors and anticipate on their needs whilst engaging via live video, audio, chat and CoBrowsing, an efficient online customer experience. Faster and better, cost cutting and revenue generating. SaleMove brings life to the digital experience.

We are pleased they will demo OmniBrowse at DIA Amsterdam.

Who are SaleMove?
SaleMove Inc. was founded in 2012 by Daniel Michaeli (CEO), Justin DiPietro (CMO) and Carlos Pariaua (CTO). Their mission: to bring the in-person customer experience online. Since then the New York City based company has grown into an amazing team of engineers and business people who are looking to change online shopping forever. SaleMove is a 3-time Finovate Best-of-Show winner. They collected $ 5,13 Million in 2 funding rounds. Investors Tola Capital and Wildcat Capital, along with return investor Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, the program from which SaleMove graduated in 2012 and which led its seed round of about $250,000.

Justin DiPietro, Carlos Paniagua and CEO Daniel Michaeli.

Daniel Michaeli, Co-founder & CEO SaleMove

“We’ve seen OmniBrowse users deliver a much more personalized sales or support experience for their customers. In fact, we’ve seen our companies achieve a 20% increase in first call resolution, in addition to a 25% reduction in customer interaction time. On top of those results, we’ve also seen customer satisfaction increase by upwards of 15%.” Daniel Michaeli, Co-founder & CEO SaleMove


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