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SaleMove: delivering the In-Person Experience Online

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 26, 2017

Leading developer of enterprise online communication solutions and DIA alumni, SaleMove provides enterprise customer engagement solutions for delivering a high-touch, in-person customer experience online. Through their solutions, companies provide online personalized human interaction to their customers and most qualified prospects. Products such as cars, real estate, life insurance and high-end jewelry don’t really “fit” into a shopping cart. Business selling these types of products can use SaleMove to interact with their online customers in real-time through voice, video and collaborative browsing.

SaleMove solutions enable companies to create more personalized higher-touch engagements with their customers – leading to increases in online conversions, improved customer support, and greater customer success. In fact, companies achieve a 20% increase in first call resolution, in addition to a 25% reduction in customer interaction time. On top of those results, customer satisfaction increases by upwards of 15%. SaleMove brings the “consultative sale” to online commerce.

Seamless, Secure and Scalable

  • Seamless: Website visitors can use any of the SaleMove solutions without any downloads or installations and in a single click.
  • Secure: their solutions are SOC2 compliant and currently deployed at major global financial institutions
  • Scalable: the SaleMove platform is fully scalable, allowing companies to add-on or customize their unique solution.

Omni-Guide: the add-on Bot for AI- assisted chats
The company’s latest innovation is OmniGuide an add-on bot to their chat solution that makes AI-assisted chat a reality. Instead of simply having a bot answer customer chats, OmniGuide provides AI-generated prompts and suggestions for chat agents, allowing for more consistent and efficient customer chats. Built with machine learning capabilities, OmniGuide scans customer chats in real-time and provides chat operators with suggested answers to questions or support issues based on a custom company knowledge base or previous chat history. This enables agents to more quickly answer questions with greater accuracy. In addition to chat suggestions, OmniGuide also enables agent prompts. These prompts serve as suggested actions for the agent and can incorporate resource linking. OmniGuide represents the correct way to integrate AI Bots into a company’s communication channel, as it still places a human being at the forefront of the conversation.

Bringing the In-Office Experience Online
Selling insurance online presents interesting challenges. From choosing the best fitting policy and coverage to filing a claim, complexity often makes customers yearn for a live expert. SaleMove enables insurance companies to take their digital strategy to the next level by leveraging agent expertise and offering an “in-person” customer experience online.

The SaleMove solution encompasses all insurance types across sales, service and claims.

Advantages for insurers:

  • Increase cost savings and first call resolution by providing a faster, more personalized experience when a customer engages with an Insurance company.  
  • Increase NPS scores by having happier customers who can expedite their activities
  • Increase customer engagement by notifying Insurance agents the right time to upgrade to rich media such as CoBrowsing and Audio/Video
  • Increase customer engagement by notifying Insurance agents the right time to upgrade to rich media such as CoBrowsing and Audio/Video

Why we selected SaleMove for DIA Munich
SaleMove enables companies to identify their website visitors and anticipate on their needs while providing an engaging via live video, audio, chat and CoBrowsing an efficient online customer experience. Faster and better, cost cutting and revenue generating. SaleMove brings life to the digital experience. Even better, SaleMove allows companies to exceed the ‘in-person’ customer experience online. With OmniGuide the add-on bot to their chat solution now even AI-assisted chat is a reality.

We are very pleased SaleMove will demo, for the first time in Europe, OmniGuide at DIA Munich. The demo will be focused on a homeowner’s insurance use-case where the customer is trying to fill out the “Get a Quote” section of the site.   

Who is SaleMove?
SaleMove Inc. was founded in 2012 by Daniel Michaeli (CEO), Justin DiPietro (CMO) and Carlos Pariaua (CTO). Their mission: to bring the in-person customer experience online. Since then the New York City based company is grown into an amazing team of engineers and business people that are looking to change online shopping forever. SaleMove is a 3-time Finovate Best-of-Show winner. They collected $ 5,13 Million in 2 funding rounds. Investors Tola Capital and Wildcat Capital, along with return investor Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, the program from which SaleMove graduated in 2012 and which led its seed round of about $250,000.

SaleMove has a new partnership with Deutsche Asset Management, who already uses their solution and bot functionality.

Justin DiPietro, Carlos Paniagua and CEO Daniel Michaeli, founders of SaleMove

Daniel Michaeli, Co-founder & CEO SaleMove

“We’ve seen OmniBrowse users deliver a much more personalized sales or support experience for their customers. In fact, we’ve seen our companies achieve a 20% increase in first call resolution, in addition to a 25% reduction in customer interaction time. On top of those results, we’ve also seen customer satisfaction increase by upwards of 15%.” Daniel Michaeli, Co-founder & CEO SaleMove


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