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Sapiens: a unified platform that gives experiences customers demand today

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 28, 2021

Recent turbulence, including disruption from the pandemic, has intensified the need for insurers everywhere to implement more agile technologies and project methodologies that tackle the complex issue of meeting the increasing demands of the ‘digital consumer’. This includes achieving low-code, digital environments that can help the rapid implementation of new products, business processes and ecosystem integration; not only meeting increasing customer expectations but delivering ongoing, and rapid, industry and market change.

Sapiens empowers insurers to succeed in an evolving industry. They offer digital insurance software platforms, solutions and services for the property and casualty, life, pension and annuity, reinsurance, financial and compliance, workers’ compensation and financial markets.

Changing the mindset of insurers
If in the past, interaction with customers was a 1 way street, today, this has changed. Insurers need to begin relating, communicating and engaging with consumers in a digital world. The technology and tools we are using now will be different from those we will be using in two years time, which is way insurers need to have a solution partner that is able to evolve with the market and changing technology.

The company believes that there are focus points for insurers in digital transformation, that should all sit under a single framework:

  • Being able to create and deploy a business process fast
  • Frictionless, multi-channel engagement models
  • The use robust technology tools to be fully reactive to the needs and expectations of their customers in real-time an to increase operational efficiency
  • Make the entire process seamless

A fully digital partner must be able to guide insurers with consultancy, deliver what they need for implementation and rapid deployments and ensure the speed and agility necessary to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers. By helping to create greater organizational efficiencies, reduce costs and provide a better end-user experience, Sapiens professional services and methodologies impact the bottom line.

How it works
Everything can be digitized today, including capturing signatures and creating interactive forms from an existing PDF. You can create digital journeys, modify fields or write questions to help customers along their journey to complete buying processes, renewing policies or even making claims. With easy to use drag and drop capabilities you can change your complex workflows, add new pages or include a new integration to simplify a process or automate decision making. All done in a snap to achieve customer satisfaction, improve internal processes and increase conversion rates.

You can empower your business users to get the job done without any technological background or coding skills. It’s even possible to brand your look with the styling tool; choose a colour or a font and allow your design team to implement visual changes. Easily offer a multichannel strategy through integration with, for example, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to quickly and effectively meet your customers on their favourite channels.

Sapiens omni channel customer support allows you to know in real-time who they’ve communicated with via chat, what they discussed and when. These are the experiences customers expect personalized and frictionless support.

Who is Sapiens?
Sapiens is a highly experienced, global insurance software provider with over 500 customers globally. They partner closely with their customers to provide the consultancy, expertise and platform to drive agility and seamless customer experiences critical to meeting today’s exact needs. With Sapiens’ world wide services and more than 35 years’ experience, Sapiens has a proven ability to satisfy customers’ core, data and digital requirements.

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