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Scanbot SDK: document detection and data extraction as the first step to process automation

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 6, 2019

Scanbot offers a B2B product, the Scanbot Software Development Kit (SDK), that enables companies to easily integrate document detection, scanning and data extraction functionalities into their own mobile iOS and Android applications.

The product is offered worldwide. Today it is used by 90% of the health insurance companies in Switzerland as well as by 50% of the major German Health insurers providing the first step to process automation. Besides the Insurance industry, which is Scanbots main vertical, their solutions are trusted by over 200 companies in banking, logistics, accounting and healthcare – making their document capture workflows as productive as possible. Scanbot helps to digitize every document in a fast, secure and privacy standards compliant way.


The Scanbot SDK does not require an active network connection, insurance users’ scans can be taken completely offline. Sensitive personal data is stored and processed solely on the end user’s device. Therefore, full privacy is ensured for the insurer’s clients, as data is, at no point in time, sent or processed on a 3rd party server. On top of that, the Scanbot SDK’s on-device OCR with machine learning optimization offers a reduction in manual workload by automating processes.

The Scanbot SDK is trusted by over 200 companies worldwide, ranging from SME’s to Fortune 500 and DAX 30 companies in every industry. Current insurers which can be mentioned by name are Aflac, Debeka and LVM.


Assisting insurance companies in delivering a stellar client experience
The Scanning UI guides the user into the best position to capture the document. The messages of the UI, as well as all other parts of the UI, are completely customizable to ensure the best fit to any insurers application, all within their Corporate Identity.
Having a deep understanding of the rapidly progressing technical challenges, as well as being highly aware of the changing business and regulatory environments which insurances face today, Scanbot is uniquely positioned to assist insurance companies in delivering a stellar client experience. Enhancing customer experience by rethinking how insurance documents are digitized.


The Software Development Kit (SDK) is currently used by a vast variety of insurance companies for multiple use cases. The easy to integrate software simplifies workflows in Claims Management, Customer Onboarding, Sales or HR. With the SDK, clients can scan documents and extract relevant data from them, herewith simplifying processes in the front, as well as backend.

Besides the Scanbot SDK, Scanbot offers a B2C product, powered by the Scanbot SDK – the world’s leading and award-winning (Best of 2014, 2015, 2017 and Editors’ Choice by Apple and Top Developer by Google) mobile document scanner app, Scanbot, with more than 13 million downloads on iOS & Android worldwide and more than 4 million monthly active users. In 2018, Scanbots users created more than 30 Million documents with the mobile app.

How it works

 The Scanbot SDK can be implemented in a company’s application within a matter of days. It currently supports native iOS and Android, Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, Cordova, Ionic, Reac
Native, Phone Gap and Flutter. Clients can build their own fully customizable User Interface (UI) or just simply use Scanbot’s ready-to-use UI.

After having implemented the Scanbot SDK, the client is ready to digitize every document.
The user guidance feature will show the user of the end-device how to take the perfect scan by providing live-feedback. If the perfect position has been reached, the SDK will scan the document automatically cropping away non-document parts and will apply the perfect filter accordingly. Now, the information on the document is processed and data is extracted, using powerful machine learning algorithms. The raw data can be sent directly to the company’s server, serving as a starting point in the company’s automation process.

Why we selected Scanbot for DIA Munich
Scanbot helps to digitize every document in a fast, secure and privacy standards compliant way. Simplifying processes in the front, as well as backend while providing an customer friendly experience.

Since it might be hard to grasp what an SDK does, they are going to showcase the core functionalities of the product which are relevant for insurance companies on stage.
Christoph Wagner, CEO will showcase the perfect and automatic document scanning well as data extraction with machine learning algorithms for both pre- as well as post-processing of a document using solely the end-users’ mobile devices.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Scanbot?
Scanbot was founded in 2011 by German serial entrepreneur and investor Frank Thelen, known from the German equivalent of Shark Tank (‘Die Höhle der Löwen’), in Bonn (. The company is backed by three investors, Freigeist Capital, Target Partners and DME Invest. In 2016 Christoph Wagner took over the role as CEO and with him, Scanbot has shifted its focus from solely offering a B2C application to currently offering a B2B product that enables companies to easily integrate document detection, scanning and data extraction functionalities into their own iOS and Android applications,  all within a matter of days.

Scanbot helps users to digitize every document – private or business. A quick and effective start into a paperless life with the best scanning solution on the market. With their own successful B2C app and their SDK, tens of millions of end users use their technology every year. Their products are developed with a focus on the highest privacy standards possible.

Funding: year to date approx. 6 Million EUR.


”Scanbots product vision comprises three steps. Initially we wanted to be able to scan everything – from simple barcodes to medical certificates or invoices. As a second step we worked on the capabilities to extract data from all these scans and provide it in a structured way. The final step, and we are working on this right now, is striving to actually “understand” every document using AI and machine learning technology. This opens up completely new avenues of value creation like smart recommendations based on the documents content.”
Christoph Wagner CEO

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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