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Scanbot SDK: Increase the rate of automatically processed documents & claims with high-quality input

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 7, 2021

Scanbot offers a B2B product, the Scanbot Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling enterprises to easily integrate data capture capabilities such as barcode scanning, document detection & scanning, and data extraction functionalities into their mobile iOS /Android and web applications. For the insurance industry specifically, this enables customers to let their policyholders scan and submit documents, invoices, and ID cards via their smartphones, which drastically reduces the processing time of claims by about 80%.

Their software is offered on a global scale. As of today, it is used by more than 90% of health insurers in Switzerland, as well as by approximately 50% of German health insurers. Next to insurance, over 200 global enterprises trust the Scanbot SDK and its features across multiple industries such as Transportation, Tax & Accounting and Retail. Scanbot herewith serves as a trusted partner for all data capture requirements and helps its customers to digitize analog data in an impressively fast, secure, and reliable manner.

Processing time reduced by 80% while full privacy is ensured
The Scanbot SDK does not require an active network connection, insurance users’ scans can be taken completely offline. Sensitive personal data is stored and processed solely on the end user’s device. Therefore, full privacy is ensured for the insurer’s clients, as data is, at no point in time, sent or processed on a 3rd party server. On top of that, the Scanbot SDK’s on-device OCR with machine learning optimization offers a reduction in manual workload by automating processes. This enables the insurance industry to let their policyholders scan and submit documents, invoices, and ID cards via their smartphones, which drastically reduces the processing time of claims by about 80%.

Enabling insurance companies to deliver a stellar omnichannel customer experience
The self-explanatory UI of the Scanbot SDK guides the user to the best position for capturing documents.

The messages of the UI, as well as all other parts of the UI, are completely customizable to ensure the best fit to any insurers application, all within their Corporate Identity.

Scanbot knows how important process automation is for backend processes of carriers. For this reason, the Scanbot SDK specializes in reliable, fast, and high-quality document scanning, which enables the insured to upload any document (e.g., invoices or medical certificates) conveniently via a customer-oriented insurance app — unlimited scanning in mobile and web applications at a fixed price.

Scanbot SDK – 3 seconds to capture documents inside of your apps

The Scanbot SDK offers its users the possibility to scan ID documents or EHIC cards and automatically extract all relevant data. Thus, customer onboarding can be completed in minutes, and higher customer satisfaction among the insureds can be achieved.

Scanbot SDK – Identify and onboard new customers within minutes

A vast variety of insurance companies currently use Scanbot’s solutions for multiple use cases. The Ready-to-Use SDK simplifies workflows in Claims Management, Customer Onboarding, Sales, and HR.

With the SDK, clients can scan documents and extract relevant data from them, herewith simplifying processes in the front, as well as backend.

How it works

  • The Scanbot SDK can be implemented in a company’s web or mobile application within a day.
  • It supports all relevant development platforms: Native iOS or Android as well as Flutter, React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, and the Web. Customers can build on the Scanbot SDK’s fully customizable user interface (UI) to implement corporate identity-compliant data capture functionalities into their apps.
  • After integration, insurance companies can allow their users, internal or external, to digitize any document.
  • The user guidance feature helps the user to capture the perfect scan by providing live visual feedback.
  • The SDK will automatically scan the document, crop it perfectly with incredible accuracy, and apply image enhancement filters automatically.
  • After the scan, the document will be processed, and, if required, data is going to be extracted in key-value pairs by using powerful machine learning algorithms. Raw data can then be sent directly to the carrier’s server, serving as a starting point for the automation of backend processes.

Why we selected Scanbot for DIA Amsterdam
Scanbot’s solutions help to capture data in a fast, reliable, and privacy-compliant way. They are simplifying processes in the frontend, as well as in the backend, while providing a customer-friendly and easy-to-use user experience.

As their solutions are sold as a Software Development Kit (SDK), insurances can integrate Scanbot’s document scanning and data extraction functionalities within a day, without the need to develop and maintain scanning and data capture solutions themselves.

Who is Scanbot?
Scanbot was founded in 2011 by German serial entrepreneur and investor Frank Thelen, known from the German equivalent of Shark Tank (‘Die Höhle der Löwen’), in Bonn. The company is backed by three investors: Freigeist Capital, Target Partners, and DME Invest.

In 2016, Christoph Wagner took over the role as CEO and with him, Scanbot has shifted its focus from offering a B2C scan application, to solely offering a B2B scanning and data extraction solution that enables companies to easily integrate document detection, scanning, and data extraction functionalities into their iOS, Android, or web applications – all within just day.

Our customers take an essential step towards fully automated processes, increasing efficiency, and at the same time achieving massive cost savings and an excellent user experience.

Max Stratmann, CSO Scanbot

Want to know more about Scanbot? Click here to go to their website!

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