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Sentiance: Powering the Internet of You

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 18, 2017

Belgian startup Sentiance is rapidly conquering the world. Sentiance unlocks contextual mobile experiences by mining sensor data from smartphones, wearables and connected devices. The data science company turns IOT sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior in a real-time context. These insights enable companies to understand how customers behave in their everyday lives, discover and anticipate the moments that matter most, and adapt their engagement to real-world behavior and real-time context.

The Sentiance SaaS platform collects sensor data from smartphones and IOT devices to interpret situational context in real-time and understand user activities and whereabouts. This data is aggregated to create rich behavioral profiles and support predictive capabilities. They call it ‘ambient intelligence’ and their clients use the intelligence to increase personalisation, engagement, conversion and retention. Sentiance context intelligence enables solutions for car insurance, lifestyle based insurance, on-demand insurance, contextual marketing & commerce, smart mobility, connected health, smart home, smart city and connected car

Sentiance currently employs around 45 people. The company is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium with offices in New York and London. Partner offices are established in Beijing, Sao Paolo and Dubai.


  • PSA is using the Sentiance platform to detect the profile and context of drivers before they enter their vehicle.  This allows them to tailor the in-car experience accordingly.
  • RISK (NL) is using Sentiance technology to introduce the next generation of UBI solutions by incorporating behavioral and contextual data. First generation UBI products focused on analyzing car data. The Sentiance-RISK solution also considers the broader behavior and context of the person driving the car.
  • One of the world’s largest loyalty companies is using the Sentiance platform to personalize customer experiences.  The real-time customer context derived from the Sentiance platform is used to enhance the overall mobile customer experience, the e-commerce purchase flow as well as their loyalty program design.
  • Personalizing care adherence
    A large pharma data services provider uses the Sentiance platform to improve medication and therapy adherence.  The Sentiance algorithms detect individual activity patterns and routines, and monitor the impact on adherence. Tailoring the content and delivery of messages to individual’s personal context can dramatically improve adherence results.
  • Multiple ride hailing companies have or are implementing the Sentiance platform to monitor driving behaviour of their drivers for client engagement programs next to safety, fraud and insurance purposes.

Why we selected Sentiance for DIA Munich
We strongly believe that consumers will live much more in sync with connected devices in the close future. By adding ‘Ambient Intelligence’ to those connected devices, it will create an easy-to-thrive-in digital environment. Context-aware data gathering and personalization is happening across all kinds of industries. Sentiance provides an intelligence layer that delivers real added value for the end-user. Sentiance puts a new face on digital transformation: engagement innovation.

Who are Sentiance?
Sentiance is a team composed of the best and brightest minds across multiple disciplines, such as data science and engineering, determined to create the next generation contextual platform at global scale.

Toon Vanparys, CEO, came on board of the company as early seed investor and has acted as CEO as of October 2014. He is a serial entrepreneur and has lead multiple start-ups successfully in Europe and US. He has extensive experience in international business development and customer engagement. As one of the early pioneers in the contact center field, he has helped revolutionize the online customer experience industry, leading the use of new behavioral targeting and digital interaction technologies

Sentiance has raised $5.2 million in the second capital financing round led by Samsung’s $100 million Catalyst Fund, with prior backers such as Volta Ventures, Qbic, Nova Participations and Pamica chipping in. In the first round Sentiance raised $ 2 million.

Toon Vanparys, CEO & early seed investor Sentiance
“We are on a mission to turn the Internet of Things into the Internet of You”. Toon Vanparys, CEO Sentiance


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