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Servify, delivering Consumer Happiness across post-sales lifecycle for products that touch the daily lives of consumers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 16, 2019

Servify is building a holistic solution addressing the post-sale lifecycle journey. The Indian startup makes it incredibly easy for a customer to interact with a brand. Be it a regular in-warranty service request or when there is damage to a device, if Servify powers the brands’ service, they strive to turn that frown upside down. Going forward, they are also making it easier to trade-in the device for an upgraded one.

Whereas consumers and products are increasingly getting smarter, service ecosystem still hasn’t. Not just in a few limited geographies, but globally. The After-sales Service ecosystem is highly fragmented with different groups of the ecosystem working in silos. Even OEM brands have always looked at After-sales service as a ‘mandatory’ obligation, hence lacked priority or investments in most organizations. However, in today’s consumer centric world, brands that deliver substandard service can soon be history. While most brands realize this and want to deliver better experiences, it’s a real challenge for them to realize this due to the fragmented ecosystem consisting of multiple stakeholders, their differing priorities et al.

Servify sets out to change this by bringing together the entire ecosystem on a smart, self-learning Platform which enables brands to deliver fantastic consumer experience, thus fostering brand loyalty.

The ambitious startup is selected as one of India’s top 50 emerging global companies in the 2017 India Emerging 20 Program. Till date, over 45 brands have chosen to use the platform.

Servify proves that innovation and efficiency in the post-sales domain can be achieved by building a unique tech platform that has the following advantages:

  • No similar platform existed before, and no one made an effort to bring the entire ecosystem on a unified platform
  • It is already the largest device management platform today, with over 45 brands partnering, and enabling 2mn+ consumer interactions every month
  • The solution is bringing ‘process innovation’ which is the reason it already has become a proven benchmark today, and Servify has achieved operational profitability in a short span of less than 3 years
  • No more inefficient and fraud prone practices by bringing all the ecosystem partners on a unified platform that provides complete process transparency

How it works

Servify’s solution is unique in the following 2 ways:

  • Unified technology platform that brings together multiple ecosystem players, by integration with different point of sale systems, after sales service systems, distribution systems, logistics service partner systems, payment gateways of ecosystem players.
  • End to end After Sales Service Management and Fulfilment System for Brands, that is ‘plug and play’ and enables them to deliver superior experience to their customers, all one touch, due to deep integration with the ecosystem partners.

Why we selected Servify for DIA Amsterdam
Technology is the key catalyst to tackle service issues and foster brand loyalty. An improved consumer experience in the post-sale phase of a product lifecycle not only ensures consumer loyalty but increased revenue opportunities. But the post-sale experience cannot be improved for any product unless the ecosystem blends into a seamlessly functioning unit. Right from channel partners to service partners, logistics partners to insurance partners, everyone is unified onto their platform to provide a product ownership experience like no other.

At DIA Amsterdam, Sreevathsa Prabhakar, Founder of Servify, will be presenting its innovation developed in partnership with Vodafone and Apple. The offering is a mix of insurance & upgrade offerings, powered by Servify. A consumer can easily opt-in by completing the activation process that takes less than 3 minutes. The solution they developed for Apple iPhones only insures genuine devices and the seamless claim journey in case the phone breaks.

Who is Servify?
Founded in 2015, Servify is headquartered in India and have a global footprint in USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, China, South East Asia and Australia as well. Servify raised $15M in a Series B Funding round last year and has built a nearly profitable business in India, where it has established itself as the market leader.

There are many companies attempting to solve service-related problems in the market but direct to consumer. Servify is a B2B2C Company having an edge as the only company enabling Brands to deliver excellent service, device protection and extended warranty services – all via its intelligent, data driven platform.

We want Servify to be the world’s most progressive after-sales service…after-service sales platform. One which will deliver Consumer Happiness across post-sales lifecycle for products that touch the daily lives of consumers.” Sreevathsa Prabhakar, Founder of Servify.

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