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SkenData: enabling building insurance with one photo

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 5, 2018

German startup SkenData is revolutionizing the value and risk assessment of real estate with the Wert14 tool. A procedure that determines the exact building value within seconds. The calculation of the building insurance sum becomes particularly efficient and simple with the help of Wert14, only the address is sufficient as input for calculating the building value.  

The SkenData technology based on geoinformatics, accesses the real estate and cadastral data of more than 52 million buildings in Germany. The BigData approach is supplemented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In addition, official 3D building data and arial photographs are evaluated for the creation of realistic building images. More than 70 features can be recorded in the course of the valuation, such as the living space, various properties of the building, such as basement or attic, the number of residential units or the size of the commercial area, the year of construction, the environment, the purchasing power and many more. Insurers, brokers and insurance brokers benefit from greater security and significantly lower valuation costs. SkenData is easy to integrate in existing systems. 

SkenData is groundbreaking and it is recognized. In 2017 they won the Insurance IT-Innovation Award, St. Gallen, the Inno Award, Schwerin, Claim Rockstart Award in Leipzig and the Nomination for Digitaler Leuchtturm Versichering, Koln. SkenData is currently used by 15 insurers.

How it works

SkenData is a brand-new form of real estate valuation that uses big data technologies and machine learning to significantly accelerate the valuation process of buildings while providing greater accuracy. Within 30 seconds SkenData provides a reliable valuation.

The following properties are automatically recorded with an address, analyzed and calculated:

  • building
  • building surveying (enclosed space, gross floor area, living space, number of residential units)
  • Roof shape, loft conversion, solar / glass
  • sociodemographic data
  • regional factors
  • ZUERS (building accurate)
  • standard method (NHK 2010, NHK 1914, VdS 771/772)

This results in remarkably comfortable handling: data entry becomes easier; the valuation works safer and faster. Experts with local knowledge can adapt the key figures according to their highly local experience and achieve a very exact value in the quality of the appraiser.

Why we selected SkenData for DIA Amsterdam
SkenData simplifies the whole validation process, making it easier, faster and more objective. SkenData is the first, completely digital method of building valuation. The startup will be a catalyst for change for many property-centric industries, from real estate and insurance. Opening new revenue streams and increasing cost savings.

Who is SkenData
Founded in 2014 in Rostock, Germany by Jon Meis. Jon Meis has a technical background in meteorology. The core competence of SkenData lies in the integration of different data to a service as well as the subsequent modeling. The team exist of building experts, insurance specialists and geoinformaticians.

Sven Jantzen, CEO SkenData

”Our technology makes the building insurance better, easier and faster. ” Sven Jantzen, CEO SkenData.


Presenter 1: Sven Jantzen
Presenter 2: Jon Meis

Contact info: Sven Jantzen
Email: [email protected]

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