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SkenData – Making building valuation faster, digital and green  

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 14, 2022

Sustainability is a key topic for insurers. To achieve the climate protection targets, the energy efficiency class A or A+ according to EU taxonomy must be achieved in the long term. This also means new requirements for insurers, banks, asset managers and the housing industry. And, to implement EU measures on sustainable finance, there is also an urgent need to determine the energy efficiency and CO2 equivalents of buildings.  

SkenData offers a data-driven valuation and risk estimation by using 3D-building models, making building valuation digital and simplifying the valuation process. The company has over 51 million 3D building models across Germany. With SkenData Portfolio Energy, emission intensities and energy efficiency classes of existing contracts are automatically analysed and recorded. The company is an approved issuer of energy performance certificates, including GEG and DIN-compliant energy requirement certificate.  

With their online tools, SkenData makes building valuation simple, fast and digital, which simplifies the building insurance. Entire building portfolios can be checked in parallel for CO2 equivalents, their primary energy demand and energy efficiency class. All you need to do is upload an Excel file and get it back, enriched with ESG-KPIs. 

How it works 

SkenData prides itself on offering a unique combination of value, risk and energy use per building. With their latest innovation “SkenData Portfolio Energy”, the energy efficiency and CO2 equivalence of buildings is calculated automatically based on a digital twin. This complex procedure uses data and a 3D model of the building. The tool is easy and fast, by using data prefill and automatic values. The results are available as PDF, Excel or via API. 

Currently, the product is available in an offline version, delivering an enriched portfolio including energy efficiency and CO₂ equivalents. The company is now developing this into an online version, where the user gets the feedback after a few clicks. The output can also be used as a professional Building Report in PDF or Excel for further use.  

Why did we select SkenData for DIA Amsterdam 2022? 

We see a clear trend for purposeful entrepreneurship and sustainability, and insurers more and more realise they have a responsibility as well. SkenData taps into this trend with their valuation services. 

At DIA Amsterdam, Sven Jantzen, CEO & Co Founder, and Galya Ihle, Procurement SkenData GmbH, will present “SkenData Portfolio Energy” – a digital tool for automatic determination of CO2 emissions and energy efficiency class of building portfolios. This is the latest version of the product that includes the energy certificates needed. They will also give a sneak peak into the GEG- and DIN-compliant energy requirements certificate they are currently developing.  

About SkenData 

SkenData is a Rostock (Germany) based InsurTech that was founded by Sven Jantzen and Jon Meis in 2014. SkenData makes the valuation of buildings as simple as possible for the end-user, at any time and any place.  

Their clients include insurance companies like Allianz, AXA, ERGO, Signal Iduna, Generali/ Dialog, VHV, Württembergische, Zurich, R+V und SV SparkassenVersicherung, who have digitized their processes and building insurance with SkenData software tools such as “Wert14” and the “SkenData Portfolio”.  

The team combines expertise in geoinformatics, civil engineering, actuarial practice, 3D building modelling, building valuation, agile software development as well as marketing and sales. They jointly develop solutions for the digitalization of the insurance industry. 

SkenData has won numerous awards in Germany, including the Digital Lighthouse Insurance (2021), Eisenhut Award (2019, 2018, 2016) and was a winner in the Zurich Innovation World Championship in Germany.  

“It has been clear to me for a long time that the topic of sustainability will be important and necessary also in relation to buildings. For this reason, we’ve developed a solution that deals with the ESG- and EU-guidelines. And to achieve climate protection goals, requirements for new and existing business must be rethought for insurers, banks and the housing industry. This is how the foundation of SkenData was born”

Sven Jantzen, CEO SkenData GmbH 

Learn more about SkenData here.

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