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Skyglyph, a revolutionary Aerial Scouting Cloud platform

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 4, 2017

Skyglyph is an ambitious startup headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its main business is the development of cloud based software and industrial surveillance solutions that transform drones into concise instruments for deployment in a wide range of business use cases. Their solutions are designed to bridge the gap between drone technologies and user requirements. Skyglyph simplifies the scouting process and the management of flight control, asset mapping, site monitoring, data transfer and visual result interpretation. They excel in the professional interpretation of images via the generation of comprehensive analytical and recommended actions reports that can be applied to a variety of survey use case requirements. Skyglyph collects, consolidates & analyzes aerial information from drones for professional purposes. Their state of the art software, industrial surveillance and analytical solutions transforms drones into smart instruments for various industrial applications.

Skyglyph first industrial application, allows insurance companies to integrate drones easily in their business processes. Insurers can use Skyglyph to detect crop and property damages from images, collected by drones. Thereby accelerating claim processing, saving money and avoiding fraud.

The Insurance Industry’s Next Game-Changer?
Drones have actually been in service since the 19th century, and used for years by the armed forces for reconnaissance while the civil drone industry started developing rapidly only two years ago. Now drones are becoming increasingly common for domestic and commercial use due to their affordability and accessibility. The Association for unmanned vehicle systems International predicts that within 10 years, drones will create approximately 100,000 new jobs and around US$82 billion in economic activity. Equipped with new capabilities such as integrated audio and text with real-time video feeds and the ability to overlay images over existing footage through augmented reality, next-generation drones will have significant commercial value for businesses across various industry segments. Drones have already disrupted industries such as aerial photography and filming.  Drones are much more versatile, easier to fly, and cost-efficient when compared to cranes, helicopters and airplanes.

Advantages for insurers
Insurance claim processing is often very complex. Natural disasters, property insurance, and crop insurance require accurate location research. The versatility of drones allows insurers to have complete aerial views, which means immediate survey of the damage or catastrophe for insurers, all done in a short time. The ability to take high-resolution videos and photos make drones the ideal solution for supplementing claims adjudication. It is also possible to zoom in to questionable areas and analyze details to understand the cause of loss, all without disturbing the scene.

Use of drones saves significant time, reduce operational costs, while improving the productivity and efficiency of claims adjusters. It will also improve the customer experience by resolving claims faster, especially during catastrophic events. Skyglyph’s special drone solution for crop insurance significantly reduces the time it takes to settle claims and avoid fraud.

Skyglyph partners with leading cloud storage providers. Their advanced options include EU hosted file sync and share SaaS incorporating end to end ‘hack proof’ 256 AES data encryptions. As a result Skyglyph technologies can be utilized in the most sensitive and demanding environments.

Why we selected Skyglyph for DIA Amsterdam
Drones promise to be the next disruptive technology, with the potential to dramatically alter business conventions by introducing new ways of working. The property and casualty insurance industry can benefit significantly from the use of drones, especially in the areas of claims adjudication, risk engineering and catastrophe claims management.

We are pleased Skyglyph will show and tell at DIA Amsterdam

Who are Skyglyph?
Four creative and industry savvy aerial survey enthusiasts; Andrey Dashkiev, Andrii Melnychenko and Victor Yermak (CEO) started in October 2014 in Sophia Skyglyph (formely known as Dataerion). Partners are the key part of their platform. They build an Open Business Model platform to provide best service and expertise for customers.

Bulgaria is a perspective market for aerial technologies, because the absence of heavy regulation, such as certification of pilots, stimulates the industry.

Victor Yermak, co-founder & CEO Skyglyph

“It’s a challenge – integrating drones into our life and building relationships with them”. Victor Yernak, co-founder & CEO Skyglyph


Presenter: Victor Yermak

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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